Over the years I have written many things. Many emotions have crossed my path and many have changed my life. I’m no different than you and I believe that I find solace in thinking that. I am ordinary. I have ordinary days that I do laundry and pick up messes. I suspect you do the same. Ordinary and thinking that I am no different than you is how I relate to things. I don’t want to be different. I want to think different but i don’t want to be different. I want to know that when I look in the mirror I am just a face in the crowd no different than your face. I don’t at all on any level want to stick out, But in thinking that there are times I want to be noticed. I want to be noticed for the reason that I wan’t to be noticed for though and that is rarely the case. Often I am noticed to all the wrong reasons.

So I was looking through my computers for all those things I have written over the years. The thoughts, the short stories, the ramblings on about this and that. I found none, well a few though they were more recent if you can call 2 years maybe 3 ago recent. In thinking about all my writings; those things I had just jotted down and and the very fact that I had started this blog.  I didn’t think for one minute that over a million, more like millions are sitting at there computer doing and thinking the same thing that I am. Today I have found a connection….. with you. Today… tomorrow…next week…next month….next year regardless of where I am or where you are or even what we are doing. We both sit thinking…..writing….dreaming…..loving and hating the very things that make us feel alone. Hmmmmm. Suddenly the calm seems much clearer. The voices seem quieter, and the words are softer than ever before.

My desk is by a window. A panel to the outside world where voices….expression….faces drift by in the breeze. The air is different. I can’t hear your whispers but I can see them in my mind swaying through the trees, flying on the wings of birds as they are carried off to new places, new people. Voices that alter us as being that caress us with emotion, that change our state of being. I never looked before but there you are. Your voice sweeping by. Your words that change my life.

Would I regret dying today. No. I have made a new friend, listened where I had heard nothing. Felt the embrace of an emotion where there was once no connection. I opened my eyes and I saw you for the first time. You.

Its a side note.  Finding your blog isn’t as easy as you would think, but I would like to read it.  Click the like button or leave a comment and I am sure I will find my way to your words.


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