I am not around on Sunday so I better do it now, write

I don’t go to church. Its not that I don’t believe in some higher being, God, Buddha, Allah, or some other deity of your choice. Its not religion at all that I have a problem with. (In fact I took several classes in college on world religions, and most are fascinating).  It’s man and the institution of. In fact I get quite hostile over the whole thing which by the way may or may not be very religious like of me. This is the deal. Since the dawn of time the religion, and I am picking on the establishment of, have murdered the masses in its name. Man goes to war over this shit. Yes I swear to. Man rapes, brain washes, pillages, tortures, and God only knows what else in his name. Man destroys all he does not understand, all he does not like. How can we possibly coexist in a world when in the name of God we put it on trial.  Yep I’m a hater. Man really rubs me the wrong way when it comes to religion. And what about all the crazies that walk my neighborhood. Are you kidding. I run to the stereo and put on some death metal.  Man really scares me. He is crazed in the name of god.

Don’t get me wrong I know a lot of people do some incredible things in the name of God. But why does anybody have to do anything in the name of God. Why can’t you just do it because your a good person. Why must you bring God into it. OK I get it I’m a little crazy on this one.  I know women who only wear skirts in the name of God. I know women that don’t often leave the house or socialize with anyone outside their church in the name of god. I know women who appear to be prisoners to their husbands in the name of God. I shouldn’t judge because they may be perfectly happy.  The bible seems to be up to interpretation, and so far none of them work for me.

I pray often. I believe. I hope and I dream of a better place. I pray my friends who have passed have found peace. I try not to be mean, but I am at times, I don’t cheat. I try not to lie, but I often do. Do unto others right. Karma, the whole thing I believe it all. Just not the institution of man because he is just crazy when it comes to the topic of religion.

I think that Karma is one of the best examples of living religion. My husband is a much better person than I. He is always willing to help anyone for any reason. Nothing bad ever happens to him, ever.  Not in all the 15 years I have been with him. He is truly blessed and he will not for any reason speak of religion. He will get all philosophical about the topic, but I generally avoid bringing it up. When we had our son I saw the same in him. Angels always Angels. The kid races Motocross and never not ever gets hurt. He rarely makes a mistake on the track and he is extremely fast. Its like that movie Angels in the Outfield. These two are so blessed I just can’t explain. Its hard to believe. I can talk myself in circles over this one so I will stop here.

I apologize if I have offended you on this topic. I hope I haven’t. This is probably the one issue I will always apologize for. I probably shouldn’t impose my opinion on you. Its a matter of respect and I am not sure how I got off on this tangent, but I typed it so I will leave it.  Certainly others have a more profound opinion.

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