Biggest Accomplisment of 2010

I remember the day because I looked at the receipt, May 5th. The day I bought my first guitar, but let me back track for a moment. I have a client that I see every week and I have for the last several years. Bo is just this side of a General in the Marines and an all around great guy. We discuss a great many things but one day in April he mentioned that he wanted to learn to play guitar. General conversation, blah, blah, blah.

My son races Motocross and at the time I was coming home Saturday night because I work on Sundays. I would stay out at the track till about 7 rush home for a shower, dinner and sleep then off to work on Sunday. This schedule left little time for anything. There came a day though that our daughter didn’t want to be at the track all day. She, and rightfully so wanted to play with her own friends, had been going to the desert and the track for the last four years. I can’t say that I blame her. Who would. She shouldn’t have to live in the shadow of her younger brother. So one Saturday we came home from the track right after breakfast.

I remember the day like it was yesterday.  There was nothing unusual about the day. We got home, unpacked the car, laundry, showered, etc. I did a few projects around the house while listening to Everlast who by the way is one of my most favorite singers. He isn’t from the south but has a soulful southern sound that lingers with me. His song friend was playing as I walked down the hallway to put my sons clothes in his room. On my way out I happened to notice his guitar on the floor. It’s a cheap First Act guitar that someone bought for him maybe hoping that he would have the patience to play. His patience is another story. Well I picked it up and spent the rest of the night making terrible sounds.

Right or left, now there is a confused soul. The guitar was right handed as most guitars are and little did I know about guitars at the time. I printed some chord sheets and as most of us do these days fired up You Tube to watch so videos on the subject. That’s poor guitar got flipped back and fourth. I just couldn’t get comfortable with it right handed and finally ended up changing the strings so it could be played left handed. I practiced for a week or so like this and like a great novel I just couldn’t put it down.

May 5th 2010. I was a little hesitant and extremely nervous the day I walked into Guitar Center. For some reason I thought when I walked through the door the guys would be pointing and laughing at me. Me playing guitar. Who did I think I was, a musician.  I don’t remember the guys name but I will never forget him. He was tall and his hair was swept back in Rockabilly style. His pants were cuffed at the bottom and he had more tattoos than most people need. New Orleans is what he reminded me of. I think had it been anyone else that showed me guitars that day I probably wouldn’t have bought one. He played several right handed guitar for me and tried to encourage me to play right as well.

I play left. Left handed guitars are few and far between. I understand that Gibson doesn’t make any left handed guitar and that’s fine I like my Fender. I now own a Fender acoustic, a Fender electric and a Daisy Rock acoustic that I take with me where every I go.  I would like to own an Ibenez hallow body electric somewhere down the road but times are tough and I just can’t afford the 800  plus dollars right now.

I’m a rock star. You never know what people do unless you ask and when you do they make an impression.  Brian another client of mine also plays guitar. It was in general conversation that I brought up my guitar playing and this is what he said, “So you are a rock star to.”

Me, “No I just started playing. I’m not very good.”

Brian, “If you play then your a rock star. I’m the best player on the planet and in fact the universe, because when I pick up the guitar I am awesome.”

Me, laughing at this didn’t get the point at the time but now do. I am a rock star the best player in the universe. Simple words of wisdom make me happy even though I suck.

What we learn from life. I learn from this everyday that it doesn’t matter if you do something well or if you play the same note over and over for the rest of your years. What matters is that you love what you do and you do what you love. If you are doing that then you to are a rock star. A legend in your own time.

Would I regret dying today. Nope. If my life ends today, I will be happy knowing that I made music and I will die a legendary guitar player.


One Comment to “Biggest Accomplisment of 2010”

  1. As a music student, I find the intricacies of music theory to be extremely interesting. However, because of this, I feel that it is very hard to enjoy music without delving into chord progressions and composition technique. I don’t understand how other people can enjoy music without knowing its basic structure sometimes, and I try to teach my friends a little bit about music. It usually ends with them bored or confused.

    But you are absolutely right. Music means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. I think it’s great that you have decided to pick up guitar, and I’m glad it works for you. I wish you luck and success in all of your musical adventures!

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