I Felt compelled

I could really get carried away with this whole feeling compelled thing, so I will try not to be to totally random. I can be a shallow person so make sure you read past that point.

Ok, I was rummaging through blogs whilst running on the treadmill, and might I add that was difficult on an Ipod touch. I really want an Ipad. Anways I came across this blog: http://marcelleepereira.com.  The kid is a singer- songwriter.

So here is my first thought. Man, that kid needs a recording studio. He would sound much better. That was mean I though to myself as the words smacked me in the face.  Here is a kid that not only is trying to accomplish a difficult task of writing a song a week but is also putting himself out there for the whole world to criticize on you tube. That’s huge and I started to think. First, I would never do that so he is a much more courageous person than I. Second, not only would I not put myself on your tube for the whole world to see but I sure to heck wouldn’t sing. I guess what I am trying to say is this kid is doing something that we all aspire to do whether it be to start a blog for the whole world to read or to talk to someone you like to meet for the first time.  So despite the initial shallow thoughts I had, I have an amazing amount of respect for anyone and everyone who puts themselves out there.

Marcell I am very proud of you. Love the music which has a country down home honest tone to it. The guitar playing is awesome. Your doing a great job. Keep it up


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