So I was thinking

Tonight as I drove home in the freezing cold and rain I got to thinking about all the years I had put pen to paper and all the stories that drifted away. I got to wondering why for weeks, months, and in some cases the better part of years went by and I wrote nothing.

Having something to write is like having faeries in your head. Each one has a story to tell. They flutter around; the taste of their words sit on the tip of my tongue and no matter how I try to capture it, no matter how I try to remember it, no matter what I do…….I close my eyes and it slips from me.

Another day and another story. Their are times when this is very frustrating. Many, many years ago I learned from a Zen Master how to quite my mind. Like a switch I can just turn it off. Think of nothing, a blank page where no words will ever exist.  No voice will be heard.

Some days I can see the faces of the words. The delicate face of Maggie as she sits in a french coffee shop set in  the countryside with beautiful flowers. The flowers are the most brilliant colors, and I can even picture the smallest detail of each one.  Maggie has been with me for years and has told me many stories. I tried to write one, but there are so many errors along the way, obstacles, and I can’t find all the words to tell her story.

I read it here and I think I read it there, “To be a better writer you must write.” So write I shall even if its just another moment in the passing time. I make no commitment to my pen, no commitment to the paper or keyboard in front of me to free the words imprisoned in my mind.  The stories dreamed up that comfort me as the days pass by.

I was just thinking this on the way home last night. What I write here I will leave here. Maybe edit from time to time. Some will stink and this I know. But be patient and on a journey we will go.


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