Splodin’ Pandas

Splodin’ Pandas is the first site I read when I cam to WordPress. I am not sure how I stumbled into this kids site, but I liked that he did Monthly Resolutions. Thought I would give that a try this year.

1. Need to lose the 3 to 5 pounds I put on over the holiday. I workout a bit so this one shouldn’t be to hard.

2. My guitar. I want to be able to play barre chords better by the end of the month and just keep plugging along with my scales at a steady pace. I am practicing, My Sweet Lord by George Harrison, so I would love to be able to play that by February first.

3. Writing of course is a big to do.

4. Manage my time better. I seem to waste a lot of it thinking more than doing.

5. I love to read but I don’t like reading books. I am much more of an article reader Find 5 blogs this month that I can subscribe to.

6. Get to know WordPress a little better. Figure out the categories, tags, etc. This may be more of a three month goal. So be patient will I figure this out.

That’s all I have for the month resolutions. I kind of feel like they are not very profound, but I will try and work on that as the weeks go by and I will try and post updates in this post if I make any headway.


One Comment to “Splodin’ Pandas”

  1. Oh wow, I feel so honored. 🙂
    I’m glad I found someone else to give this a try. And resolutions don’t have to be profound – you don’t have to resolve to circumnavigate the globe or find the cure to cancer. Just find things that you want to improve in your life, that’s all.

    Have a great New Year (and New Month!)

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