What makes me smile

Wow, that’s a big one. A long list, I guess list form it is.

My husband. He’s a goof but I love him. The first thing he told me was he’s an asshole and that’s not going to change. It hasn’t he just gotten better at it. Like vintage whiskey.

My kids. They can be a real pain the ass but that’s what I had them for. They are amazing. Ones a 10 year old motocross rider and the other is 11 and a dancer. Both are extremely smart, compassionate and really outgoing

The fact that you read this is pretty darn exciting. Lets not forget that grahambledeggs left my first comment which totally made my day.

Its rainy and cold outside which is awesome because it gives me an excuse not to do anything, and I am a pro at that.

Sitting here doing this,  playing my guitar, eating just about anything, the fire place burning downstairs. Life in general is pretty awesome.

And on the topic of would I regret dying today.  Nope not after writing this. I am pretty darn happy. Now off to play guitar.


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