Texting vs Talking

Texting is great if you have something quick to say like I’m running late or hey mom I’m just checking in and I’m still at my friends.

Texting has become a worse habit than heroin. I often see people stop everything to respond to a text and then they stop again and again. take a break have a chat omg, are you kidding me, really. You spend more time testing than you would having a chat in real time.

Through out the day my husband and I use goggle talk. If it’s important I call but most of the time its nothing more than an update with no response needed. Its a way for us to stay in touch or just say hi, but even this can become annoying. When we hear our phone we are compelled to answer. Often the ringing gives us a sense of urgency, a sense of priority. Unfortunately that sense becomes more urgent than the very thing we are attending to like our job or our children. So for me texting is super annoying and takes up a great deal of time.

A time of technology. Here’s the deal maybe I’m just lazy, maybe I am just using time management, and maybe I’m just avoiding you. What ever the case may be I write on my itouch which looks a lot like texting on a iphone. I would use pen and paper but then I have to retype the whole thing and this could be time better spent writing something else, playing my guitar or just having a chat.

Ah the need for an iPad yet another device to disassociate your self from the masses,  communicate better with loved ones,  be more productive, or just have a little fun playing a game while your in the doctors waiting room.

For what ever reason we like our devices one thing is constant. We love them. All of them.


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