This is where things get hairy, Writing

With the end of school vacation coming and my work getting back to normal busy this could be a real challenge.  During Christmas I have a bunch of time off and the rain keeps us inside. That left a lot of time that I could write.

Life gets busy, busy gets hectic and hectic gets nothing accomplished. It would be a shame this early in the game to bow down and let this all go by the way side. So many thoughts that never see transformation in to words.

Here are a few things that I have come up with that I think might help.

Voice recorder on my phones front page so I can easily get to it while driving. Not that I should be messing with my phone while I’m driving.

Leave pen and paper everywhere so even if its a sentence or two I can jot it down.

On the goal of better time management this month. If I am waiting for something take notes instead of playing a game . That’s if there is no one to talk to.  We, as a general population spend a great deal of time waiting.  I wait to pick up my kids from school. I wait in line all the time because I always get in the slowest line.  I wait, you wait and there has to be a way to use this time to my advantage.

I need more focus, but to much organization just kills me. 15 min for this , 15 min for that, etc., would work wonders in everybody life I am sure. Do you know how much weight this world could lose if they worked out for a focused 15 min a day. On the bigger note how much I could write. I know its true.  It is.

On a final note if you are just passing by and have suggestion comments or would just like to share hoe you find them time to write leave a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. It would help me be successful


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