It’s a political rant – Read with caution

I just want to say what I want to say.  Sometimes that’s not very nice, I know.

Like I am not a fan of our president though I don’t blame him for the state of the economy. He wasn’t the one that spent trillions of dollars on a war. I don’t know that I will every be a fan of a president.

I am a fan of don’t ask and don’t tell. Why do people want to know about other peoples sex life. If you ask and then you tell you have to have separate everything for everybody and do you know how much of the tax payers dollars that is going to cost the people to implement that in the military. Crap that’s a lot of money.  And for the record I don’t care if you are gay. I don’t have a problem with a life partner as far as wills, medical insurance, housing etc goes. I don’t care that people say the bible is anti gay. If your gay your gay. That’s fine. My best friend in college was gay and he was awesome. I have people in my life now that are gay and they are awesome. I love them to death.  This is hot topic, so my final stand is gays aren’t a diseased group of people they are humans who deserve to be treated as such, so I’m not anti-gay. I am anti using tax payers money to build separate barracks for straight and separate barracks for gay. Wholly crap again that’s a lot of taxpayer money. I also know that don’t ask don’t tell wasn’t perfect nor was it probably fair, but there has to be a better way to address everyone. I will apologize now if I have offended you. That was not my intent.

I just want to live my life and keep my money. The very fact that some person on welfare is getting my money pisses me off.  Dude get a job or at least try. I know everybody needs help from time to time, but really. I can barley pay my bills now and my taxes are high.

I hate the stupid way politicians write a bunch of crap into a bill. You know I got a cell phone ticket and there is a fee attached to it for night court. We don’t even have night court. There is a fee to DNA testing. What the heck. I don’t need DNA testing because I was talking on a cell phone and for that matter I certainly don’t need to pay over 100 dollars in fines that are attached to my 20 dollar ticket.

I hate the way that society just as a whole has us by our bottoms. I went to Best Buy with a gift card and the money on the card magically disappeared. So have a nice day and come back soon. They didn’t care. It wasn’t there mistake or there problem. I’m out the money and they just got free cash.

I really hate the way companies think 20% off is some big savings and advertise it like they are so awesome by doing me this favor.  Give me 20% over your cost and then we will talk.

You know I walked in the gas station the other day to get fuel. I said twenty on 8. I repeated my self three time before I went to pump.  The guy who didn’t speak English put the money on another pump and I was screwed and out 20 dollars.

I hate the way the is no recourse. No action that can be taken because customer service is a bunch of morons getting minimum wage that can do nothing about your problem and in some cases are sitting in another country.  If you ask to speak to a supervisor you get the guy in the next cubicle over who also can do nothing but would be happy to take your information while he plays paper toss with the trash can.

I hate the way that all these damn tree huggers are ruining business in California. I bought the kindle already. OK, so I’m not against saving the environment. I do my part. What I am against is California and their EPA guys that are imposing new regulations on business and the powers that be don’t even have the solutions, the new engines, or the resources to properly implement these regulation. The cost to modify every big truck in this state will cost billions. California is going to bring industry to a halt. It is so expensive to live here.  This particular rant could last for an hour or so and I know its a blanket complaint.

On a side not my daughter is a tree hugger. I have made many many changes in my life because of her influence. We have cut the paper use down in out household by some 60-70 percent. We have cut water bottles down by 80%. I buy one case of water bottles every two or three months just to have in case of emergency. We reuse printer paper when we can. In fact I have printed legal document on the back side of used paper.  We have picked up trash and rescued dogs.  I am all for tree huggers, and for a better environment.

I hate the way the little people get screwed by cost increases. Why in the heck do I have to pay for your business mistakes.

I hate the way people cut off truck drivers. Maybe you hadn’t noticed they are bigger than you.

I hate the way motorcycles cut lanes and then its my fault when they crash. Don’t do 110 down the freeway.

I hate the way they don’t make left handed guitars as much as they make right handed.

I hate that I don’t have an IPAD.

That’s enough hate for one day.  Sometimes its just good to vent. I am sure I will have more another day. If you made it this far without wanting to burn me at the stake then awesome. I will apologize if I offended you. That was not my intent.

So would I regret dying today. Probably not. I wrote what was on my mind and its nice to vent every now and again.


One Comment to “It’s a political rant – Read with caution”

  1. I am a fan of don’t ask , don’;t tell also. Why the heck do they want to know?

    Although, I’m a tree hugger too, and a recycling fanatic.

    About the welfare system….. I have no problem with that, as long as the person who is getting welfare really, really needs assistance. But I hate to see a family with 13 children ( I’m not kidding) that get assistance for each child.

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