The New App Mac Store

I love me some Mac and will always take seconds. I have a Mac desk top, laptop, 4 touches, 2 nanos, and a shuffle.  That seems like a lot but 2 of the touches are first gen and the other 2 are 4th gen. The kids got the old ones. So I love Mac. I converted 3 years ago and I will never go back to PC. The only thing I don’t like about Mac is the prices but you get what you pay for.

Lets go shopping, The Mac store is open. Let me just say that compared to the 99 cent apps that are available on the Itouch, Iphone and Ipad these  Mac apps at first glance seem to be a bit pricey.  I did notice some major programs listed like Mars Edit a social networking program, Rapid Weaver 5 a web designing program, Ilife, etc. So it appears to be a mall of malls with one stop shopping for all.

For all you Angry Bird Lovers out there the introductory price of $4.99 will get you the desk top version., but buy it quick because that’s half off.   I also see that there are many complaints about it crashing the system. I am sure it is going to take some time to work out the kinks.  Ok I can’t see paying 4.99 for a game when I only paid 99 cent for it on my itouch and I got it for free on my galaxy phone.

Although there are some major apps I am going to stand with major pricey for apps that shouldn’t be more than a dollar ot two. There is an app to keep track of your dog medical records. The app is 24.99. I love my dog and all but a manilia folder at the bottom of my desk drawer does fine.

The is an app for writing music. Its 10.00 which is resonable price except that it only has 3 stars and for my 10.00 I want full functionality, 5 stars please.

I downloaded a few little free things. Which took a bit because there were errors on Apples site, but its obvious that Apple has their techs techin away to banish any issues. This is one of the great things about Apple and the one thing that makes it worth paying the money. Apple is an American company that is located right here in California. When you call you get a customer service rep that speaks English and one that you can understand.  No matter what language you speak it is always nice to have a customer service rep that you can understand.

So if you have a Mac, check out the Mac store. You have to have snow leopard and do an update. The app store will install itself to your dock


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