Dance, Dance, Dance

It just seemed fitting to post on some of the topics I have missed: Don’t give up, Fear, oh yes an Aha moment. These three phrases speaks volumes.

Don’t give up and Losing interest.

Life is tough. You know it and I know it. Some days it totally sucks, and others are the best days of your life.  When I was very little I wanted to be a stock broker, but I knew that I would never be a mom if that was the path I chose. My final decision was to be a mom. I have never regretted that choice. I lost interest in being a stock broker. Life changed.

Being a parent is amazing and I absolutely dig my outlook on it. First, I can now talk to myself and it is perfectly acceptable. It also help to wear a bluetooth in your ear. When my kids were babies I would have whole conversations with them as I pushed them around the store. Of course they were to young to respond to my adult conversation, but I had someones undivided attention to tell my troubles to. Let me just say that talking out loud solves more problems that just keeping them locked up in your mind. A problem pondered upon is a problem unsolved. This is exactly the reason we tell our troubles to our friends, jot them down on paper.

Second, you can do anything your kids do and get away with it. Kids love to run down the isles of Costco, which is one of those buy in bulk warehouse stores. Jumping on the bed or other house furniture is great fun to. Dancing to a song you hear where ever you are. Making ridiculous faces to the people driving by. Lying in bed all day and feeling good about it. My all time favorite now that my kids are older, embarrassing them in public.

Having kids can change your life for the fun. I would never do any of these things if I didn’t have kids. It would be unacceptable. That’s just all there is to it. People would think your mad, crazy, loony. Even now that my kids are older I think out loud. They frequently ask who I am talking to and I always reply to them although there is no need for them to listen.  I have also learned that others opinions of me means little if anything at all. What’s important here is to have fun. I love acting like a kid.

Kids are naturally curious about everything around them.  My kids have gotten me to go through the mosh to catch frogs. It was a tom sawyer day pants rolled up to my knees and all. Make birds fly. Have you ever run into a crowd of birds and watched them fly away. Or laid on the beach and just let the waves wash over you. How about dancing on the coffee table.  Kids will boost your confidence to do these things. Make all your fears go away. They are totally an AHA moment.  I would have missed out on so much of life if I had not had kids.

Again still sick so Im not editing. Sorry if my thoughts Are not complete Thanks for reading


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