Dear John

Dear John

I do not know your name, but that is no matter does nothing it change.  We meet only a short while ago and the impression that was made is genuine. I was excited when we met that you life offered such enthusiasm. You are dedicated and took serious the endeavors laid out before you.
This is impressive in every person, so it is not the reason I write.

It was by chance that we meet for a second conversation and like any we got to know each other a bit. I felt knowledgeable when we chatted because you took the information that I had to offer to heart.  You listened and thats a rare quality. I fear it is not one that I possess and its not for trying. I just find it hard. You are genuine on that matter and like others, i am sure, you made me feel important. I am at loss for words to say, although i must admit i admire you a great deal.

In times of times we pass people by if only for a short moment and though the impression you have made will not last a lifetime it will last long enough to put motion in place. For days now your influence has plagued me though not like a disease that i wish to be rid of. Rather you are a constant thought turning the wheels in my mind. It seems to come at the appropriate time. I needed just this very thing. I had stopped, lost sight, turned blind. You, not even a friend or an acquaintance but just a mere person walking down the same small part of the road, have shown your presence in several things i have not only written but have done.

As time passes and new arrangements are made your influence will dissipate, vanish. Should our roads continue to cross you will become the norm and not the cherished as you are now. Today though I wanted to thank you. You have made a difference. The impression is appreciated; that should not go unsaid.



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