May I ask?

This is what I want to ask you today. How crazy,and not in a mental health crazy sort of way, are you. I’m nuts I’m crazy and I saythat in a funny voice.

My son was standing in the bathroom and I am getting ready to get on my spinning bike. I say to him because he is standing right there. Oh my spin bike is not in my bathroom but my bathroom area is attached to my bedroom all open except the water closet has a door. I say to my son in a most terrible British accent, “Dear sir (pause for effect). Would you mind dear sir dropping the dirty laundry down the shoot.” I don’t have a laundry shoot but rather a banister on the second floor. ” Dear sir you have done a fine job. I believe you have earned the privilege of going to school today.” At this point I have stepped of my spin bike to dump the clean laundry on the bed. Taking pause I look at him very seriously and say in a some what mean voice, ” Now put away your laundry before I throw you to the dungeon.” I have returned to my spin bike and he has accepted my crazy while gathering up his laundry.

It is in fact to be true that he has raised his hand above his head in the middle of a store and stated very proudly with an enormous grin upon his cheeks. ” Why do you have to be so mean!”. Wow, I probably deserve that on some level of truth. I’m shocked at his sudden outburst so his words have done their job. I shake my head and we laugh and I swear I will beat him to the looney bin as soon as we get home. He knows I’m joking but on the face of a few onlookers we are not normal. Nope no at all and it only make matter worse when we skip off with the kart.

When my daughter was a baby. I would put her is the cart and speak with like she understood or even cared about that days dilemma. Often I would very speak what I would like her reponse to be. ” So you think I should go” “Hmmm I hadn’t thought about it that way but now that you bring it up”. She gave me a sense of freedom. Still does. On some level I would like to think that I stimulated her mind and as a direct result of those conversations she is the person she is today. I am sure that it can be argued both ways of crazy so I have never cared to research it. It is in the past. The present has produced one thing for sure. I have two incredible smart, beautiful children. I consider myself luckier than most.

I need a moral to the story. My children have lent me the freedom to be silly. To be what I would have never been. I am nothing more than a child who has jumped on the bed, laughed out loud when it was inappropriate, sang when there should have been silence, and made sound effects which truth be told I am very bad at it. Have you? You should. I have had great fun. I have done stupid things, though nothing that I regret. I would say that having had children I could not imagine a life without them, although I do not know what that is like. I do not know what a life is never having had them.


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