It’s a tangent

I am pissed off. So bare with my tangent and feel free to leave at any time.

I live in the beautiful state of California, SoCal. It’s amazing. Truly it is with the exception of the bugs in my vegetable garden.

Here’s the deal. I cut hair for a living. I like what I do it affords me the time to be with my kids when I want. Flexible, I love it. Just like everything here the state feels the need to be involved and we had a state inspector come in the other day, well 2 months ago. We have barbicide on our station. It’s a hospital grade chemical that disinfects. Being that I work where there is a ton of hair it stands to reason that there might be hair floating around everything. Bottom line I got a $500 fine for a bit of hair being in that chemical. It’s also a $500 ticket I’d the lid is slightly off. If you don’t think that is insane enough I got a ticket for my water bottle not being labeled water although you could see the remnants of the writing. It can’t say h2o it has to say water. I’m not certain that I would want to drink it but it would hurt me. That’s a $100 ticket.

I don’t have a problem with paying a ticket or a fine that my actions warranted. I got a ticket for talking on my cell phone while driving. Ok my bad, but then were all these fines attached to the ticket: a DNA fee, a night court fee. These were my favorites. We don’t have night court in southern California at least not to my knowledge. Why is it that I just can’t pay the fine? When did I vote this crap in? When did we start letting it be ok to rape us of all our hard work, our earned money?

I didn’t vote for our governor and I didn’t like the other one either. Our current governor is a bully and is using scare tactics to implement his budget. As far as I know the prisoners have have bigger budget than my kids do at school. I have heard talks about letting my kids out Of school six weeks early. I don’t mind because I homes hooligan them onto of there regular school. I hear they want to fire teachers, police and firemen, raise our taxes. I hear the want to implement a higher gas tax because the .55 cents we pay now is not enough. I hear we have a avocado council. They monitor the growers. These are things I hear. Are they truth? Who can be sure. Truth is nothing more than opinion in my opinion.

California is a dying state. It’s a state that manufactures and grows everything. Tourism should be a booming economy. It is the Mecca for motocross, surfing and horse related activities. Why in the world would it be living on borrowed funds. Why in the world can’t these people balance their checkbooks. Why in the world would California the 5th largest producer of goods, so I am told, be crumbling.

Here is one opinion. There more you take from the people the more they depend on you for support. Look at our social welfare system. Take a look at the border problems we have. I have a whole other opinion on that which isn’t nearly as bad as you think. Look at the homeless and jobless rate. California wants to control everything and everyone, and I’m the freak that lives here. In short I have a home here. My son loves motocross, my daughter has friends, and our jobs are not half bad.

Back to my ticket or fine if you will. I believe in equal opportunity. I try not tot judge based on race. I try to be fair. But….if you are going to write me a ticket for $600 you better be damn sure you have command of my language. The inspector was a lady that didn’t even speak English very well. She was shaking her pen at me saying, ” you understand, you understand.”. Are you kidding me. Did you really just do that. I was pissed. I still am. I can understand if I went into an ethnic food restaurant it’s truly part of the experience. Into an ethnic foods market it part of the experience. But to Artie me a ticket of that magnitude and you don’t speak English. HELL NO.

I’m quitting on that note. I feel better and thanks for listening.


One Comment to “It’s a tangent”

  1. I definatly agree with you on the jobless issue. It took me 6 months to get a job. 6 MONTHS! I’m 19 and I can work anytime and all the jobs that were ment for teenagers are being taken by older people who got laid off or foreigners that wil work for less money. Gosh…. Freakin america…

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