Just a thought

I thought for a moment that I knew you. I really did, but I did not. You let me down. I didn’t think you would and there it is you did.

How in the world can you pretend to know a person. Based on the past and the actions that they have committed before. That is not knowing a person but rather knowing their past actions. I know that you have never stolen before in the past. I know that you have not killed in the past. I can use these things to make some determination of your character, but that does not mean you will not do these things in the future. We see this all the time in the news. Man kills his wife. Mom goes crazy.  We change we all change all the time.  Just like the second hand on the clock we all change.

How do I determine that I thought that you would not let me down. I have passed judgement on you and have held you to a high expectation. Maybe this expectation is not within your grasp. Maybe when you have not let me down before it was a fluke. Maybe me expectations were lower. Maybe I had none. Maybe I expect more of you now based on the past. Maybe a lot of many, many things. Maybe, is just that a word that,  likes to float around so you can grasp at it when you dont have an anwser or you just want to speculate on, and on.

Our words are nothing more than us just throughing our opinions out there. Our words mean nothing and what of the facts. They can be altered to. The sky is blue. Is it. Thats a fact as it stands.  Sometimes the sky is pink and orange. We as a general population can grasp the sky being blue. It is a fact that we can hold on to that does not change until the chemicals do and the sky changes to various shades of pink.   But what of other facts. He is a terrorist. Just because he killed 500 people in a train station does not mean that he is not a pleasent person to have dinner with, or that some believes him not to be. I am not saying that you should set him free or that he should not have the death penalty. I think he should be stoned and shot in the square. I am not fond of terrorists. They make for a miserable world. But I would speculate that there is some one somewhere that knows not of this side but another. People don’t equate to facts. What of politicians. We have high expectations of them. That they will do for the greater good. Yet we have never had a meal with them. Lived next store to them, or been their childhood friend. We believe what they say to be truth. Yet many times are manipulated by there very words. I would be a good senator. Do you believe me?

The simple facts. the ones that they throw on tv and we all believe it because they say it is true. We tell our family and feiends these truths because we hear them on tv. We believe most of them.  We believe because we want to believe that people by nature are good, honest, dependable.

So, I thought that i knew you. I thought that you wouldn’t let me down. I think that before accusations are made expectations should be evaluated in fairness. Indeed, though genetically it is a fact that could be argued we are all human.  Psychologically, we becomes a gray area. We  have been compared to saints, and animals.

I wrote this. Editing and updates may or may need to be changed. I know for sure that one day my opinion will. I will read it later. I apologize if I have offended. Never the intent.   How do you see the world?


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