Just a day

Just about my day

I woke woke up like every day that’s how it started; just like today. There are days that are like no other and then there are days that just can’t end soon enough. Im going to put yesterday in the like no other.

Coffee is the poison of choice, and I always have a gallon. I sit and chat with my husband and in-between the words I write to you. It’s a nice way to start. I never have much time to read but the clock and my mind worked out a timely schedule that allowed me to catch up. Don’t remember the one I read. I should have bookmarked it. Paid more attention to the name, but I did not. Of course that’s the one that influenced me. “You are the face smiling back at me.” That is the line from the post that changed my day.

As always I took my kids to school and then time to kill at Starbucks before my Apple store appointment to get my daughters Mac book fixed. The L key fell off and I was a bit ticked off over that. I expected to pay at least $100 to get it fixed.

I had about twenty minutes to kill just enough time for a plain cup of coffee and write. This is where it all started. The counter person was pleasant. She smiled. I though it might have been you. The guy sitting at the table buy the sugar, he smiled. I thought that might have been you. I sat outside the Starbucks just inside the mall and the lady passing by with her stroller smiled. I thought that might have been you. As I was leaving I smiled at the older lady enjoying her tea. I thought she might be you.

This brighted up my day a bit as I headed to the Apple store, and then my day got better. Apple and Starbucks are known for there customer service. That’s why the companies do so well. Keep it simple and be kind. I was greeted with great enthusiasm like I was an old friend, but I had to wait a few minutes so I found a table pulled up a chair and doodled around on my IPad. There across from my sat a lady about my age with pinned up long hair. I thought she might have been you. She looked like the type that might jot down a word or two. As I glanced up to meet her gaze she complimented my hair, which is short blonde, and for the most part out of control. Thinking nothing of it at the time I thanked her and went back to my doodling.

The Apple guy finally came out, fixed my daughters computer and charged me nothing. at this point my day is turning into a HELL YEAH sort of day. Off to the Verizon store another HELL YEAH moment. Then The tree service guys came and they didn’t break my house. HELL YEAH. I got a comment on my blog, and you stopped by to read it. HELL YEAH. I got to sit in my grader and read yours. Work was awesome. It was a great day. HELL YES IT WAS.

I said these with jubilation, joy, and happiness. I can attribute all of this to your smile. The words written in someone else’s random blog. Then kind act of complimenting my hair. The simple gesture of the guy at Verizon opening the door for me. The tree service guys doing a great job.

The moral. Let others influence you. Notice when people do kind gestures and reciprocate it to another. More kindness will follow. Kindness makes life bearable. It brings simple joys.


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