Criticism is a lost art. It goes often times unappreciated. The blatant truth, honesty. Words that are not meant to hurt your feelings but rather open you mind to other avenues of thought. None of this is to mean you should be hurtful to others. Rather a kind gentle nude in a different direction. We live in a world that would rather stay quiet than offend. That would rather lie than tell the truth, when we should speak our mind with kindness.

I try to read my fair share of blogs. Your opinions, perspectives, feeling, hopes, dreams, desires. Words about your family, friends, and your life in general. I rarely leave a comment. Sometimes I just not compelled to do so. Sometimes I write, that was nice. But never, no not ever do I write I don’t understand. I don’t agree. I don’t get it. I was lost about halfway through. Your writing lacked substance, feeling, depth. Well it lacked a point. I never say anything bad.

If I look hard at my writing I can find all of these things. I walk off the road I am trying to pave. I lose site of my goal. I forget, often times to edit. Editing is not one of my strong points to be sure. I don’t update my me page after I have changed my screen name, or the title of my blog. I should. I have been none to babble on making no sense at all. There are days when quite frankly my writing sucks. With all this said I post it anyways. Somedays I feel like everything I write is just a repeat of the day before. I can be boring and plain.

I don’t want to hurt your feelings. I have a great deal of respect for you. You have taken the time to share your life with me. I appreciate that. You have taken the time to think. I admire that. You put yourself out there for the world to judge. I commend you for your bravery. You are an amazing person. I believe in you. I believe with words we can accomplish great things. We have.

I talk about you a lot these days. I wonder who you are. I see you everywhere I go. We have a friendship that I value. A trust I do not wish to break. But…..what of friends? Do they just say things are nice and leave it at that? I do not mind if you read a post and say it sucks. I will value your honesty. If you did not get the point because if was lost to the babble. If you don’t agree. If it made you mad at me because I was way out of line with my tangent. I try to apologize if I may have offended, but did I offend you? Did I make you angry? Did you want to give me a piece of your mind half way though? Did you love it? Did it make you feel a simple joy? Did it make you smile?

Sometimes I see that you have stopped by. I am excited that you took the time to visit. I know you are very busy. I do wish we would have had the time to chat. The time to discuss. You are the one that inspires me.

Even if you choose not to leave your opinion, just say hi in the comment section down below. That’s enough to link me to you blog. I would love to read it.


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