To love a dog.

I remember the day we got max. I wanted another dog, a female, but i was tired of waiting. I scoured the papers. I really, really wanted another dog. I finally found an ad with six week old lab and golden mix. They sounded perfect and they had a female, so I called. Unfortunately the female was gone but they had six males left. I’m not really a fan of male dogs. I really really wanted a dog though so I decided to go and check the out.

I arrived and they let the puppies lose. They were all do tiny, cute and white. I love white labs. Beautiful. Puppies are just liKe children. They either like you or they don’t. Two of the puppies were horrified of me and ran the other direction. One was amazingly aggressive and barked non stop. A couple just wondered around sniffing the found happy to be out. Max he just sat there. “Hey, I’m here and if you would like to take me home I’d be happy to go.” I wasn’t sure, but what the hell he’s cute and calm. Max was so tiny. I think he weighed only 3 or 4 pounds curled up in my lap and enjoyed the trip.

Max is three years old now. He has gone many places and made many friends. He loves everybody. Max is amazing. He is the dog that every child should have. He is a best friend there is no doubt.

I think it’s amazing how a simple dog can change a life. He always listens. He’s always there by your side. He never questions. He never judges. He’s everything you need a best friend to be. He’s max.


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