What is it

What is it about me that makes me most like you
What is the difference between us two
The words that you say that ring in my ear
The words that you say the one I don’t want to hear
What makes us different. We are so much alike
Our thoughts, our feelings we hide from sight
Theres a little bit if me in every part of you
There’s a little bit of you in everything I do

I wore this a couple nights ago and suspect that it goes along with thinking. They all go along with thinking and thinking goes along with thinking.

I feel I have a friend. Your comments inspired. They always do. I have meet accomplishment, and in doing so, well, it’s nice to meet you. I have read your words and found the we have so much in common. In fact we have thousands of things in common, the, a, and, who, I, me you. These are only just a few. The simple words that make me like you. When I meet you here for coffee every morning I see that we are both one dimension flat on a page.


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