Time. The obvious, we all wish we had more of it. All the things we have to do. All the things we want to do. Place to go people to see. That’s how the expression goes.

I’m not sure about the going places. Maybe Ireland. I’m not fond of traveling though the moors would be amazing.

I’m not sure I wish I had more time in a day. Here is everything I would like to do. Drink coffee, read, write, workout, yoga, play guitar, just sit, cook, then sit some more with a beer. That’s what I would like to spend my day doing. I would like to spend my time learning to be better. To be something more than I am. Time to be me.

I don’t want to drive, go to the store or the bank. I don’t want to wait in a line, nobody does. It’s all a waste of time. I don’t like shopping. How do people do that all day?

I think when I’m lying on my bed in the middle of the afternoon staring at the wall I should be doing something better with my time. I have thought this a great deal over the years. I should have better time management. I shouldn’t waste so much of it. Then, I believe it was a gloomy day. One before I got sick that I was doing just that. Lying in bed in the middle of the afternoon doing nothing. The laundry needed to be folded. The bed need to be made, and there was at least ten other things calling my name. It dawned on me at just that moment that I was doing what I wanted to do. Enjoyment at last. I was doing what I wanted to do. Why in the world does it take so long for us, maybe just me, to figure out that life is just that simple. Life just doesn’t have to be complicated. If you can’t to sit and do nothing, why do anything.

The importance of priority. Laundry needs to be done, food should be made, floors should be washed. These are the things that have a low priority until they don’t. I have plenty of clothes, an apple will be fine, and it’s just dirt. That, the dirt, laundry will be the tomorrow, so will my hunger for that matter. The bank, bills, work, those have a higher priority. These things let me enjoy my life. Then there is the miscellaneous things, like the car registration, that get done in a timely matter. When the time has come. Not sooner. Everything has a place. It helps to keep life tidy.

I’d like to have time to figure out this WordPress thing. I see you have pictures. I’m trying. The time will come. Might be awhile. I would like to play the blues better, but I’m happy just strumming my happy tunes for now. I’m a pretty simple person. Happy except when I’m not. Content except when I’m anxious. Pleased with the way life turned out.

Time is constantly moving forward, never stopping. Take time to smell the roses is old but never out dated. Time brings a sense of happiness. The day my kids were born. Time brings a sense of sorrow. The day my friend died. Time is everything. An all encompassing emotion that leaves no stone unturned, no emotion left behind.

All moments lead to now. Time has taught me patience, or maybe I am just old, tired, lazy, or just to content to be bothered. It has taught me urgency, to be busy, to plan. Time to be here or there.


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