From flowers we feast

I don’t pretend to be anything I am not. One thing that I am not is a gardener. I don’t have a green thumb so it is by chance that my garden is doing great.

For the last five years I have spent every weekend going to motocross with my son. Now life has afforded me a break. My daughter wants a social life and I am happy to oblige. She deserves it and I like staying home on the weekend.

My backyard was dirt and nothing else. Years ago I ripped everything out with the help of my golden retriever. She ate most of it. The sprinkler system is gone which is fine I don’t miss it, so I have to water by hand. I do this every morning at 7. It’s peaceful and I get to inspect all the new life and the damage from the bugs.

I for no other reason than the cost of lettuce I turned my whole back yard in to a vegetable garden. That’s how it started, lettuce. I love lettuce and I don’t want to pay a lot for it. So we set a plot dug the land with a shovel, made pretty little rows, planted seeds. It was fun. Something to do for a weekend. No big deal.

The next week came a I have to tell you I love a shovel in my hands. I love to dig in the dirt, so dig, dig, dig I did. As the days past I found that I had dug up my whole back yard with a shovel. I planted seeds, worked the ground, inspected the bugs, and even sought professional opinion. I took part in the process. I sowed the ground and I am excited about the outcome.

I now for a fact that I have enough produce back there to supply my whole street even after the bugs eat their share. I don’t mind the bugs. I don’t care if the have a great supper it might be their last. I don’t spray insecticides, but I go after them pretty fiercely. The pincer or earwigs are the worst. They destroy everything. I would rather have snails.

I think what really excites me about the whole thing is I am learning hands on. Amazing things happen over night. A whole new world opens before my eyes every day. I began planting in the middle of March and now it is the middle of May. At this point the only thing that my garden has produced is lettuce and spinach. The bugs eat a lot of the spinach but I am happy with what they have left. It’s easier to share than it is to be pissed off about it.

The plants are so big now. The tomato plants have flowers, the squash and zucchini plants have flowers etc.etc. I didn’t know that it is from the flower that the fruit comes. It’s the same with my orange and lemon tree. Flowers. At this point I feel that I kind of sound dumb, but I honestly never knew this. I also didn’t know you could east squash and zucchini flowers. Im excited to try this.

From the flowers we will feast, and a feast it will be. There will be plenty of zucchini, squash, Swiss chard, spinach, lettuce, arugula, carrots, potatoes. I also have a full of array of herbs. Truth be told I can’t wait. I have been experimenting with all kinds of herbs and vegetables in preparation for this day, and I must say I have done a fairly decent job. The chefs would be proud.

From flowers we will feast.


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