Should you help the homeless. Why or why not.

On my way to work there is an old guy with a tattered beard that sits on the side of the road. Sometimes he has a chair, but most of the time he sits on the ground gazing at the traffic as it passes by. My daughter goes with me to work frequently and has named him Bob, so that’s what I will call him here. Bob has been there many years. Sitting on the side of the road. They have construction going on to widen the road so I often wonder where he might go. Bob has been the topic of many conversations. We wonder where he sleeps. If he has a tent in the near by woods. We wonder where he gets his food. If people feel sorry for him and bring him McDonalds from down the street. We wonder if he works in one of the nearby farms, but we don’t think it likely. Bob never has a sign begging for change, nor has he ever. He has always just been there. I think Bob is unique.

Next to were I work there is a catholic church. They feed the homeless all the time. They lounge around all over the street, leave trash and urinate behind our building. I’m not even sure the church is doing a great service with their cup of soup lunch, but it’s not a decision for me to make

Where I live you can find the destitute standing on the corner begging for change. I have seen signs like, “Only fives and tens accepted.” Are you kidding me. I have seen then get out of cars to stand on the corner. I have seen them stand with children and dogs. I have seen some crazy things as I am sure you have. The type of crazy that makes you not want to help anybody.

I think that the point here I am trying to make is help the homeless is a kind jester. Volunteering is a wonderful thing, though it’s not something I do. It is probably something that I will never do in a homeless charity situation. If our government wasn’t such criminals in California we would have more jobs but they tax and fine companies right out of business. The fees alone to start a business will kill a dream. If we had more jobs there would be less need for social welfare. If we spent more time educating our children than we did with bureaucracy more teens would come out of high school being able to do more than work at Walmart. These are general statements. The are a million scenarios to each. I know this and I am not at all placing the burden on the state. The burden should rest with the homeless as well.

I have to admit I don’t care for them much. It’s not a situation that I would volunteer to help. There’s no easy answer here. Through out time society has had the burden of the homeless, the freeloaders, the vagrants, those lost to misfortune. For those who truly suffer then yes. The burden on society would be short lived, but for those who choose to make a career out of the kindness of others then no, and let them remain outcast from mainstream society.

Life isn’t easy. It shouldn’t be. It should be fun. It should be work. It should have joys. Both the ups and the downs. We should face hard times and good time. Life should never be a hand out, but rather a helping hand in a time of need.


2 Comments to “Should you help the homeless. Why or why not.”

  1. We here in Portland have to put up with people standing on the corners, sign in hand asking for help. They write that they are homeless, sick, unemployed, disabled, have families to feed, and are just plain hopeless.

    I used to help them until I spotted a man I had given a few dollars to a couple of days before at a Kmart, he was standing in line to buy a wide screen TV. Now I don’t feel bad about passing them by, no, not one little bit.

  2. It’s behavior like that. The man buying the TV that destroys human kindness. There was a report years ago about people making a hudrend thousand a year begging. It makes you wonder.

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