Red light cams

There isn’t a whole bunch where I live but if you go to Escondido California you can expect to see one on every corner. It’s crazy. It makes you paranoid. Who wants to drive under those conditions. I don’t go to Escondido for that very reason. I have friends there but we meet other places because Escondido sucks.

Realize this, these are third party companies, and it costs the cities a whole lot of money to hire these companies and all there administrators to cycle through all the pictures. Let’s not forget the maintenance on these camera that the city is getting billed for money that could be better spent having actual police officers on our streets stopping criminals.

One study says these cameras cause more accidents because people are so paranoid they slam on there brakes and get rear ended. Nobody intentionally wants to get into an accident and most law abiding citizens don’t intentionally run red lights.

If you lend some one your car and get a red light cam violation it is you that’s responsible, the owner of the car. Not the person you were trying to help out by lending them your car. Which leads the owner of the car and consequently me into being an asshole and not letting anyone borrow my car.

The way I see it. Forget the criminals as these cities are obviously not that concerned so much with that as punishing and gouging the pockets of their very citizens that support them. Most of us can’t move because of cost, but I did. I was not and will not live in a city that punishes me, a law abiding citizen.

It’s bad enough our state can balance a check book and is gouging us for taxes, fine and fees. Our cities do it to. There is nobody immune to the corruption of our local, state and federal governments. But, to blatantly smack me in the face with red light cameras. Really.

I didn’t get a ticket, so that not what the rants for. My friend lives in Escondido and I will not go visit or spend any money there because of these cameras. The topic was just on my mind.


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