Texting, friend or foe

Texting has to be one of the greatest inventions of mankind. That with the IPhone and a data package you can rule the world from anywhere, any time.

Texting serves a few simple purposes which can save you a great deal of time

Could you……
Don’t forget……
Did you……

In these cases there isn’t a need to have a detailed phone conversation. Its convenient, but there comes a time when texting has just plainly overstayed it’s welcome.

Texting during a movie I paid $7.50 to see.
Texting while at the cashier and we all now have to wait for you.
Texting while at a red light. My bad.
Texting while having a conversation with another person.
Texting in the customer service business

My kids text each other on the couch, at the dinner table, across the room. I have been known to text my kids from downstairs because I don’t feel the need to yell or venture up the steps.

Texting has become a legitimate language: idk, omg, brb, abt2. There are enough abbreviations to fill a book

Communication is one of the most valuable traits one person can acquire. It expresses how we feel by the very sound of our voice. After a long day of work it gives us a reason to enjoy each others company. It is the reason, almost solely, that we come together for food and drink. Communication has bridged the gap between countries It has formed alliances and started wars. It has lead us to the point in which we stand now, texting. Texting has played a significant part in current revolutions. Texting, in of itself, has changed the very way life is lived.

When we look at our history as a civilization we have hieroglyphics, letters, newspapers, diaries, journals. Most of which have been hand written. We have a rich past that we can touch and feel. What of the future? How well we then define who we are now. Emails will be deleted, text’s will be gone and computers destroyed. I write nothing on paper. In fact I rarely use paper at all. I have no hard copy of photos. I have very few back up drives, so when all is lost it is truly lost.

Realizing there is a certain joy to being able to be in touch with your friends and family any time. There is also a pitfall as the Thanksgiving table is now quiet. We are all caught up, and there is nothing left to say. There was a time when my husband and I texted everything throughout the day. Now I just wait till he gets home. It’s amazing how much more time I have not texting and how much more I appreciate his company when he is home.

Texting, my friend or foe.


One Comment to “Texting, friend or foe”

  1. Texting is also helping to ruin the necessary grammatical skills we learned as children. Kids nowadays abbreviate everything, don’t know how to use punctuation and often times can’t spell. Texting has its place, but it shouldn’t replace traditional communication.

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