Monday, already.

A split second before I cracked my eyes I thought it might have been work day. Groaned inside my head at the thought then suddenly to pleasure and surprise realized, “Hell yeah it’s Monday.” the voice of my own was singing out loud in my ear and I was up in a flash. I don’t work on Monday’s, not that I don’t have things to do, I do, I do, I do.

My days off are no different from my days at work with the exception that I get to move around a bit. I go here and there running errands, but I don’t run I drive. I don’t get paid to do these things either. Getting paid would be snazzy though. My husband makes the coffee for me and brings it to me in the morning. The service is worth gold as I only like to drink coffee, but not make it.

My treadmill has been calling my name so I will abandon my spin bike today. I think it’s tired of seeing my.

Water my garden and evaluate my bugs. I’ve not decided what I grow better bugs or food. It seem to be an even race at the moment.

Watch the you tube videos from Chaney ranch this weekend. Check out the photos waiting on the camera. Feel blessed that my son made it home safe.

Read your blogs because my brain is dead. I have nothing to say. “Oh really, you never have nothing to say” says my husband with a smart ass smirk upon he ever so sexy face.

With that it’s off and running for the rest of the day.


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