We survive

When I was a little kid I lived in Oklahoma. I remember the storms, the tornado’s. I don’t remember the exact day or time when three tornado’s ripped through our town. From our house you could see them over the trees. They were huge. I was little.

Tornado’s have no mercy. They come to destroy; take the very heart of man. As a kids we would run outside at the awesomeness of these great storms while our parents watched skies. It was only years later while I was in college there that I realized the true devastation that they caused or the fear and despair that they brought. In less than 10 minutes everything, all of it, monetary, mentally. It’s all gone. Hope is all that can be let and you struggle to find that.

Sunday a young marine was sitting in my chair. As I cut his hair I noticed his wife, girlfriend was quite upset talking on the phone from across the room. He explained that her aunt was missing and the tornado had leveled the area in which she lived.

The day after the tornado, when I was a kid, we went to school like normal. On arriving one of my friends told me her house had been destroyed. Bummer. That’s all we had and we went back to our daily lives. Then, as kids, we didn’t realize the impact. It was an adults world. We played. I’m not sure what happened to her and her family. In fact I don’t even remember her name. Only the destruction that her family faced.

In southern California we have wildfires. They can be tragic. Home are lost. Animals are slaughtered by the flames. Lives are changed. In times like these the people here do all they can for others. They open there heart and homes. There is no life left untouched and no hand left un-held.

One year I had the opportunity to help a horse ranch. The flames weren’t far and any blade of grass could set the ranch ablaze. So we weeded for hours. All the hay, and feed had to be moved in the barns and the horses had to be watered done. It was all preventive. The mere sight of embers blowing in the air was a warning that this needed to be done without haste.

I look back at my life and though I don’t think about it everyday I have escaped destruction and devastation many, many, times. I’m sure you have as well.

I guess the point here is…..humans survive. Though I can’t run around the world to lend a helping hand at times of destruction. My heart does go out to these families. All of them. I admire the strength they find to get though. The hope the have to move on. The compassion they feel towards others. It makes me wonder why there are wars.

To the families in Joplin and the rest of the world. My thoughts are with you,  all of them.  You are strong and will rise above this. I know in no way will my words ever help. They wont change the devastation. I merely wanted to think out loud for a moment about the strength of mankind.


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