Homemade summer camp

I have been stressing out for about a month trying to find a summer program for my daughter. This is a major priority. When her mind is board she get depressed, anger and out of control. I can’t say I blame her. What active, intelligent person wouldn’t. She’s a smart kid and I’m a lucky mom to have her.

The college schedules finally came out except there was just nothing great being offered. There we’re two potential classes on Monday except that is my day off. Monday is the day we go to museums, explore San Diego, etc. Needless to say I have been frustrated trying to find intellectually stimulating programs in my area.

Then like a bright idea the lights kicked on. I can incorporate our Monday travels into a lesson plan. She can use her Itouch 4 with video and camera to document her journey. Then she can blog. What a brilliant idea right. I am so proud of myself for seeing the obvious.

It builds creative writing, critical thinking, and life skills.
People can share opinions through comments.
She can edit blog designs to enhance web skills.
She gains knowledge of IPhoto and IMovie though editing her footage.

I don’t even need a professor for this. The upside of this brilliant plan is I won’t be sitting in a parking lot for hours on end, waiting. The downside is that she doesn’t meet knew people hanging out with mom. Of course I am still looking for a dance camp or something else along those lines. As for math a workbook will do. She has great self motivation, so no instructor needed there. In the event she gets stuck You Tube videos offer valuable instruction for the minimal cost of free. Incidentally Apple also has excellent tutorials on all their programs. This will enhance her Internet and listening skills. Summer planned. Now mom can have a relaxing cup of coffee while surfing coupon sites to pay for all of this.


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