I’m convinced that my generation is disposable. We have disposable everything: beverage containers, storage containers, cookware, razors, water bottles, utensils, phones, electronics, etc.

Some items are just plain use once and throw away. Others you can get several uses out of. While still others last quite some time, but still they are disposable.

I bought a VCR it lasted a year that broke. I bought a new one. I buy my son shoes they last three to four weeks. I buy new ones. I buy a t- shirt it lasts the summer. I buy a new one. I buy a phone. It lasts a year or two. I buy a new one. My daughter buys a $70 pair of knee high converse and the zipper breaks after she wears them twice. I’m pissed.

The average American generates 4lbs of trash a day, 1460 lbs a year. Some statistics say as much as 1 million pounds. That’s a lot of trash. In fact one stat states we dispose of 3.5 billion pounds of carpet in our quest for cleanliness, and 3.7 trillion pounds of construction debris in the name of progress. What are we progressing towards. Have you seen the amount of homeless, poverty stricken.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for saving the planet. I do my part. In California you pay a tax on cans and bottles. If you recycle you get that back. It benefits me. They don’t get to keep that money. They take in every way they possibly can pass a law to, so I take back what I can.

Back to the converse shoes. If I get them fixed by a seamstress who’s barley working these day because were so disposable. It’s going to cost $30 for one zipper. Are you kidding me. It makes more sense to just buy a new pair or at the very least stitch the zipper part shut. Of course, you understand it’s a plastic zipper. The cheapest kind.

Both you and I know the cost of running a business. The fines and fees from the state alone can cause your house to foreclose and your business to shut down. I get why companies go overseas. It’s basic math.

At what point do we stop wasting and start repairing, fixing, mending. Those are as respectable jobs as any. At what point is it going to be cheaper to wash you dishes than throw them away. There raising my water rates by the way. I have a huge vegetable garden. I grow most of my food. The rate hike will tarnish that quickly.

Being disposable means being dependent. Being disposable means spending more, using more fuel, making more trips, shopping more, buying more. Being disposable doesn’t benefit the individual it benefits the powers that be. Just think about the water bottling companies and how much they make on disposable bottles. Huge.

We don’t eat out ever. There is the occasional fast food stop, but not if I can help it by packing food. We don’t go to movies ever, although my daughter goes occasionally with her friends. We grow most of our food, and I love to cook. We use coupons. Look for discounts and are now trying to fix what is broken before we purchase another. It’s a good life.

I flopped around a bit on this one. It was hard to stay focused but I think I said all I wanted to.


One Comment to “Disposable”

  1. I hear you.

    Not every nation is as wasteful…or addicted to the disposable and shoddily made. I just spent a fortune getting two pairs of shoes repaired…still cheaper than buying two new pairs of that quality.

    I own many antiques, from china and glass to chairs…they’ve held up for centuries.
    I grew up in Canada, where people typically are paid less and pay higher taxes so they do not like shopping All The Time. I loathe things that do not last!

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