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July 16, 2011

Just a thought while digging

I was out in my garden yesterday working the ground. In my garden that’s quite a bit of work. The top 12 inches is Dg mixed with all the trash from building my track home. Once you get below that it’s beautiful. I, being the person I am, don’t like to go to the gym so I do all this work with a shovel. It’s an old shovel and the spade is cracked but I like it all the same. It works. Believe it or not I could spend the whole day outside just digging ditches. My daughter says I make a good Mexican. I always laugh because it’s probably true. When I see guys working on the side of the road with shovels I always want to stop and dig.

Cross fit, do you do it? On occasion I do. It obvious to me that cross fit came from hard labor. Moving construction tires after all is hard work. Swinging kettle bells is similar to hammers, buckets, bags, etc. Cross fit, without any research whatsoever, looks like labor.

When did we stop doing, accomplishing, for the sake of abs? Do you have any idea how much we as a people could accomplish if we did a little labor instead of going to the gym. How much money could we save if we mowed our lawns, grew our own vegetables, fixed our own houses, walked our own dogs, played with our children? Instead we buy a gym membership and pay people to do these things for us. I have a gym membership though I don’t go often. It’s nine dollars a month, so I figure for those days I have nothing to shovel, fix or do it’s worth it.

The human body is an amazing thing. I know both girls and guys that spend two plus hours a day working out only to spend the rest of the day looking in the mirror, eating lettuce, and chicken. They look great. I spend two hours a day digging, raking, hauling, planting, and watering. I spend the rest of my day picking vegetables, cooking gourmet food with butter, playing my guitar, and drinking red wine. They have great abs and don’t eat burgers. I have not so great abs and love burgers. I don’t look in the mirror and see a fabulous body, but rather an accomplished woman. I grow produce in abundance and give a great deal of it away. My hard labor pays off. In return my friends may me dishes and deserts with the produce I have given them. No doubt the gym wouldn’t do the same.