Is there a point in time where you can see the direction of change, the tides turn, and the whiners win. I’m not sure where it came from but here it is. The losers deserve medals, yeah. Who in the hell came up with that. You lost, and now society thinks you deserve a medal. My kid won and gets the same appreciation and acknowledgement as the losers. Wow, I’m so proud to be part of the system.

I’m not being selfish here. Win or lose, we have all been on both sides of the fence. This is my real bitch. My 8th grader is getting happy face stamps on her homework. She is 13 years old. Im sure somewhere there is a psychologist that believes this helps my child’s self esteem. The teacher believes, as I suspect most do at this point as I haven’t seen red marker in years, that a red marker is damaging psychologically. Are you kidding me. What it means is you got the answer wrong. I love red pens. It puts you life into perspective. It separates those who get it and those who don’t. It’ a matter of right and wrong, accountability for you learning or not learning.

Every society from the beginning of time has winners and losers. Those who succeed and those who fail. We have to fail to succeed. It’s a simple concept that the society around me choses to ignore. Participation Award, that just says it all. Not everyone should be on the team. Not everyone should participate. Let’s just say your child wants to play football. He or she, politically correct here, sucks, but gets on the team anyways, politically correct. Your child gets to play every game and because of your child and every other child like yours on the team loses every game. Yeah we all got to participate. We are winners. NO. Your losers. You lost every game and your kid sucks at football.

Different scenario.

Let’s just say that you child tried out for the team and didn’t make the cut. Yep you guessed it feelings got hurt. Oh I’m sorry but get over it and move on. Let’s say because of this failure you child goes into the band, and he is awesome. Let’s just say because some coach said your child sucked at football he succeed in the band. Failure and success. It’s simple. It we succeeded at everything we would have a unfulfilling life. Just think for a minute about the last thing you really failed at. Just think of the last thing you succeed at. Both were equally amazing. We can not have one without the other and be truly successful.

As a parent I encourage my kids to fail. I encourage my kids to make bad choices. I encourage my kids to speak their mind especially to me. I never demand my kids respect. I earn it and they earn mine. I just figure the best place to make life mistakes is at home. Now, have my kids ever said FU to me. Yep they have. Have my kids ever backed talked. Yep, all the time. Life is a funny situation it’s about give and take, loses and wins, failures and success. With respect we make gains, but we have to learn how to get that and we can’t learn without failing first.

The point. Encourage failure it encourages passion for success.

I am an everything goes type of parent. There are no whiners allowed but you are welcome to fail as much as you like. I will always be there to lend a hand up or just crash with you.


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