Own your life

I saw this girl walking out of Big Lots a year or so ago. She was very pretty with lovely brown hair that went well past her shoulders and lightly laid over the tattoos she had. Past this obvious observation I noticed how she hung her head in shame. How she walked without the grace of confidence. She appeared so unhappy.

My first and only thought was to her self esteem. I have carried this thought about her for many days. Self esteem is a tragedy that can destroy a persons life. It’s a voice that can bring us to our knees. It hides in the darkness. It torments our soul. Nope.

Look in the mirror, right now. What do you see. Are you fat? Are you ugly, unhappy. Do you hate your hair? Do you feel unworthy? Do you hate your life? If one of these don’t fit I am sure you have something that does.

You life, your self worth belongs to you. If you let somebody else determine these to things then you become worthless. Own who you are and who you want to be.


If your fat and you don’t like that. Don’t blame fast food. Don’t blame some tragedy. Don’t blame your mom, dad, friends. None of these people are making your food intake choices, you are. There is enough information floating in the world around you to educate yourself. Your have friends that can help you out. Take a walk. Run a mile. Do a sit up, a squat. Change your life.

If you feel your ugly. Try some new eyeshadows. Buy a new shirt. Tell yourself your not. Tell yourself your beautiful. You believe your ugly because you say you are.

Are you dumb? Read a book. Form an opinion. Take a class. Talk to people. Have an idea. You are not dumb. I assure you.

Are you being abused? Then leave. Use your voice. Scream out loud. Tell someone.

Self esteem, self worth belong to you. They are yours. No one owns these items but you. No one can control these but you. No one can determine who you are but you. It’s your choice. It is easy to be lazy. A real life takes work. The gym takes work. Reading takes work. Having self value and worth takes work.

Own your emotions. They belong to you.

I just don’t get why other people have such low self esteem. Why would you want to feel bad about your self? Why. There are a million self help books out there that all say the same thing. Own your emotions. Self esteem is an emotion. Self worth is an emotion.

I am about 10 to 15 lbs over weight. I hate it, but I put no effort into changing it. When morning comes I would rather read, write, garden, refinish furniture, and have a cupcake at the end of every day. I love my life. I accept the I have things that are more important to me than losing this weight.

You know how the world loves to travel. I use to get mad about this. People left and I felt some aching that I didn’t go. The reality is that I didn’t want to go. I made excuses why I didn’t want to do; why I couldn’t go, but at the end of the day I just didn’t want to go. I didn’t figure this out for many years. I let it lower who I was. I thought I had to have the same desires as everybody else. I don’t. I hate to travel. I don’t want to see the world, but I would love to see the pictures from your trip. I would love to hear all about your adventures. When I figured this out I became a happier person. This is who I am.

I never used my college degree. Oh well. People think its ridiculous that I went to college for eight years and I cut hair. It was my choice. It was a choice I made to be with my kids. I never have and never will regret it, and I can’t go back in time to change it. I have no regrets in my life because I own my life.

Everything we do affects who we are, who we are going to be down the road. Tragic things happen. Life throws us a few curve balls. We eat to many cupcakes. So what. Take it in stride and own who and what your are.

You, me and the world around us is pretty damn amazing.


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