Writing, blogging, and blah blah blah

Ok so it’s Sunday and I have run out of things that i want to do. Let’s be clear I have lots of things that need to be done, and there are lots of projects that need to be finished. I’ve had a busy day, and now I’m just sitting doing nothing. I figure at the point I want to sit then sitting should be what I do, but in order to be productive I start reading blogs.


I start with what is fresh and recommended. These guys are good writers. Their thoughts are well though out and the words flow. It’s depressing because I’m not as talented as they are or as successful. Both of these qualities come from years of practice and critique from more experienced writers.

Moving on to ordinary people. I like the ordinary people. Your words come from you. Your thoughts twist and turn as you try to express yourself. Your honesty is genuine. Your lies unique. You are as human as humans come. Flawed, hopeless, searching. You cry in the face of tragedy, and rejoice in the face of happiness. Your happy to be alive no matter what the day. You express this in only the words you know, educated or not.

Did you know that there a more than 150 million blogs. They say seven out of ten bloggers have gone to college. I have, eight years. I’m a mom, 1 out of 3. My kids are under 18 and as you probably guessed I’m female. Well you get it I fit right in the statistical community.

So why in the world did you/ me feel the need to dump our thoughts on the world.

Got tired of all the political BS around me, and wanted an outlet for my opinion whatever my opinion was.

Wanted a place where I could look back on what I wrote, and see the change

Wanted to express myself where nobody knew me.

Judgement wouldn’t affect me less because I don’t know you.

Gives me something to do this time of year

Well there are a few of my reasons. Here’s to feeling better about yourself through expressing yourself blogging. Oh by the way, I loved your blog.


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