Under Construction.

Just wanted to say something different. I haven’t figured that out yet.

I am definitely a work is progress. I can’t remember life before my kids. My mom, dad, and grandmother all live with us. Its helpful with the kids since we commute to work. My whole backyard is a vegetable garden, but only recently. I play guitar, but not well. I write, but not great. I do these things because I love doing them. I love philosophy, psychology, and have a degree in sociology, but have never worked in those fields.

I’ve learned many things from blogging, so I’m glad I’m here. 1. I’ve learned to be a better person. 2. Ive learned not to judge you based on your words alone. That a lifetime of experience is much more than a post. I can only try to understand.  Those are the two most important things I have learned.


One Comment to “Me.”

  1. “I don’t pretend to be a writer.” You, dear Stranger, are probably one of the best writer’s I have come across on the Internet. As far as grammar and punctuation–that’s what editors are for. Writer’s communicate sentiments through words, and you accomplish just that with a wonderful grace and style.

    If you ever get that essay put together (or a book for that matter), I’d be more than happy to go through and edit for you. 🙂

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