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September 9, 2012



We do it everyday and many times we do it alone. For me driving is one of those moments that sets my mind free. I have the freedom to listen to music, think, and express my thoughts out loud with no interruption except for the occasional ringing of the phone. My car has Bluetooth by the way.

Often times I think that I should have a recorder, for no other reason than I have the perfect words to say. The only problem is that as soon as I turn one on I have no words to say at all. The words don’t flow or they become so jumbled it’s ridicules.

This is a dilemma that over the years I have yet to solve. The same thing happens with my guitar. As soon as I start recording the notes, strings, strum go flat and nothing. So I put together a list of things that I feel are the problem.

I never want anyone I know to read my blog.
I’m afraid I sound stupid.
I don’t want to be caught listening to myself talk on a recording because as you know everyone knows exactly what I am doing.

Now I know and you know that this is silly, but one simple fact remains. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. That’s why we are here. If you don’t like one of my blog posts, well you just don’t come back. Likewise, the same happens if I don’t like one of yours. There is no judgement just freedom. People in general want to be heard, but we don’t want to face failure among out peers. What better place then a blog to secretly express all that is you.

I may never get all my words in writing, but I suspect neither will you. Quite possibly some of those thoughts that I scream about in my own silence are best left there. It is possible that not writing them leads to a more precise execution of my thoughts. In facing my own dilemma I must come to some resolve.

Write because you like to.
Share your thoughts no matter how dumb you think they are.
Rant and rave about the things that make you angry.
Tell us all you love, cherish, and admire.
Write in all caps when you need to scream out loud about anything.
Most of all express yourself in any way you like.

No matter whether we like it or not we will cheer you on because your here. Believe.

May 23, 2011


Today as I am driving to the gas station after dropping off my kids I notice a man walking across the street before. He was of average height and build. Looked to be normal. Had everyday casual clothes on. Just walking across the street going from point a to b. I wonder where he is going. What he mint be thinking or whom he might be thinking about. Then like poof his whole life story pops in my head. I have made it all up.

He grew up here loving to surf and play guitar. He’s a musician by trade, but work is tough. The pay even tougher. So when he comes to run his errands he parks in a central location and walks. He figures it’s a good way to think and get exercise because he cancelled his gym membership. He needed to money to feed his two kids.

His wife is an RN at the local hospital. She is well educated and loves the sound his guitar makes when he plays. That’s how they fell in love. In a small jazz club. Recently she had to take a pay cut. He finds ways to save money by clipping coupons, walking, and car pooling with other parents.

You know his daughter is quite the budding ballerina. She dreams if being the princess in this falls play. His son is a star football player and practices hard to make it to the draft, although that is years away. Both kids play guitar to humor dad, but neither want to be a musician.

I have named him Joe because it’s an easy name. Joe is rather content walking. A happy man and I smile at the happy life I have given him.

After I get fuel its off to the dance studio to register my daughter for next season. I notice an older women sitting in her SUV just outside. Of course I have a story for her as well.

She’s a grandmother of two rather bouncy young girls. Who she takes care of while their mother is at work. No, she doesn’t live with them, but there’s are plans for that in the future when the housing market gets better and she can sell her house.

In the car she is discussing the dance schedule with her daughter. Who use to love to dance. She has fond memories of that. Now her granddaughters fill that void with twirling bodied, swinging arms, and dancing feet.

This is my usual day. Making up stories about people. Today they were happy. Sometimes they are tragic. But, there is always a story to be told.

May 18, 2011

Red light cams

There isn’t a whole bunch where I live but if you go to Escondido California you can expect to see one on every corner. It’s crazy. It makes you paranoid. Who wants to drive under those conditions. I don’t go to Escondido for that very reason. I have friends there but we meet other places because Escondido sucks.

Realize this, these are third party companies, and it costs the cities a whole lot of money to hire these companies and all there administrators to cycle through all the pictures. Let’s not forget the maintenance on these camera that the city is getting billed for money that could be better spent having actual police officers on our streets stopping criminals.

One study says these cameras cause more accidents because people are so paranoid they slam on there brakes and get rear ended. Nobody intentionally wants to get into an accident and most law abiding citizens don’t intentionally run red lights.

If you lend some one your car and get a red light cam violation it is you that’s responsible, the owner of the car. Not the person you were trying to help out by lending them your car. Which leads the owner of the car and consequently me into being an asshole and not letting anyone borrow my car.

The way I see it. Forget the criminals as these cities are obviously not that concerned so much with that as punishing and gouging the pockets of their very citizens that support them. Most of us can’t move because of cost, but I did. I was not and will not live in a city that punishes me, a law abiding citizen.

It’s bad enough our state can balance a check book and is gouging us for taxes, fine and fees. Our cities do it to. There is nobody immune to the corruption of our local, state and federal governments. But, to blatantly smack me in the face with red light cameras. Really.

I didn’t get a ticket, so that not what the rants for. My friend lives in Escondido and I will not go visit or spend any money there because of these cameras. The topic was just on my mind.

May 2, 2011


I was just thinking about thinking. Where do you like to think? Where do you have your best thoughts? I like thinking in my car. I suppose it’s because its the only time that I really feel alone. All by myself. No one to interrupt my train of thought. I like to crack the window a little bit to hear the breeze. I’m the crazy one who looks like I am talking to myself, and thank god for cell phones and bluetooth devices these days. They make me look a little less insane.

Tonight I was thinking about you. You know you the person that’s reading this. I was just wondering if you are anything like me. If we would have anything in common. Are you short or tall, skinny or rubenesque. I wear glasses. I’m blind as a bat, so the expression goes. I was thinking that I may have passed you on the street today. Stood beside you in the coffee shop, or eaten lunch with you in the park. You could be the guy standing in line with me at the grocery store, or the girl next to me on the treadmill.

It’s kinda funny how we all met here. A common place we express ourselves. We speak our minds under the comfort of no one knowing who we are. So I was just thinking would you say them to me in person. Would I say these things to you. It’s easy for me to speak here. You can’t criticize me. Well there is a comment section, but I can delete you if I like.

So here I am thinking about you wondering if you are wondering about me. My final thought. What do you think about you? When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you love yourself as much as you love your children? You should. Do you dig your smile? It’s one of a kind. Do you feel that you are every bit worthy of the life you have? You should.

The next day

I think sometimes I will just doddle.  Throw some words on the page.  I know the they won’t make sense but who cares anyways.  There my words.  There my opinions. Really its just me lying flat in one dimension instead of three.

Words define who we are, what we are,  who we want to be. Thinking and writing should be best friends although they fight a lot. They never seem to get along. they love each other though. I know this to be truth.  I read what you wrote. I feel I have a friend. your comments inspires. They always do. I have meet accomplishment, and in doing so, well, it’s nice to meet you.  It’s nice to know that we have so much in common, i, me, you, like, the, make. Those are only a few. Simple words that make me like you.  And now I must ask,  Are you enjoying your coffee? Mine is lovely thank you.      Tea & (Little Old) Grammar By Jessica S            Tough to say, write or even think,
Because words can’t but diminish what it means.

You stopped by last night and I do apologize for not coming to greet you at the door.  I simple had fallen asleep.  I did though return the visit and though you were out I must admit I poked around a bit and  took a line or two.  I apologize and hope you don’t mind. I wanted to share what I saw.

May 1, 2011

The Santa Ana winds

Seasons come and seasons go.
Time It passes as we grow
I know it’s summer but if feels like the perfect spring day today and I don’t even king being at work for part of it.
The drive to work was amazing. I drive 45 miles one way and there is quite a lot of scenery on the way. The stretch of highway I drive has beautiful rolling hills that when it rains looks like the moors of Ireland to me. This time of year, just like the rains wash the dust away, the winds blowing it away. It’s like you can see every grain of sand. Every leaf. Every branch. There is so much detail. All the things you don’t seem to notice all year are layed out before your eyes. All is amazing.