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May 12, 2011

Jury duty

I know it’s my civic duty. That’s what they tell me. This is basically how it works. The judge holds my life, my mortgage in his hands. I won’t bother you with the boring specific details of my life. I am sure it is no different than yours. I wake up with the same concern and worries as the general public.

Where I live you have to have the judge release you from this civic duty, so I have to go no matter what. I have to go. I wouldn’t mind sitting on a trial. Not a death penalty trial the last for ever, but a basic trial that lasts a week or two wouldn’t be bad. I’m self employed, and I care for my mom, dad and my grandmother. They live with me. Now they are not in need of of constant medical care, they can care for themselves, but I pay for the roof over their head. They help care for my kids when I’m at work and I pay for the house. It’s simple, and there has never been a time that the judge hasn’t released me from this civic duty. All of the judges I have appeared before are compassionate men. They release people because the vacations planned during the trial dates, the self employed, those who do not get reimbursed by their employer. They care if for no other reason than it helps their jury needs. People are more willing to participate if the judge works with them.

I’m just saying and it’s only a thought. When you go on unemployment you should have to serve. The state is paying you and you don’t have anything to do anyways. Now that’s a general all encompassing statement. In the area where I live the jurys building has Internet, fax machines, copiers, and a classroom for home study kids. They have a break room with a fridge, microwave, coffee, tea, hot chocolate. They really set you up. They try to make you as comfortable as possible. My husband was off work for 4 months driving me crazy. He could have gone. I would have been thrilled. He would have been thrilled to do something. He could have still looked for a job, and let his new employer know he was serving jury duty which in most cases only takes a week or two. This is a broad spectrum generalization, but it could work.

What about the homeschool moms. They could serve. They school room has 3certified teachers. They take over your lesson plan. Educate you kids while you are at trial. If I was a homeschool mom I would be thrilled to do it. Its an experience for everyone. I don’t know that it would be that great for your kid who’s not used to sitting in the classroom. Maybe a judge could come in and talk to them, or give them a tour. It could work. It could be a great experience.

Then there is the people on welfare. They are already getting our tax dollars. You know where I’m going with this. What about retired people who don’t have jobs. My dad should serve. He could be a professional juror. I’m not sore what he does all day, but it ain’t much. It appears he’s bored. He would volunteer but they won’t let him.

These are just ideas, thoughts that I had. They may or may not work for everyone, but there they are. Jury duty isn’t that bad. I don’t want to do it because I’m self employed, and it’s a major hardship. Two, three weeks of wages would destroy my life. I kinda want to though. I get called to do it every 6 months. They got my number. It’s supposed to be every year but that’s fine. I deal with it.