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May 10, 2011


I wrote a post yesterday. I decided that my thoughts were to confusing and I learned a lesson. This is how life puts you in a path to do something decent, kind. It’s about what life gives you.

My daughter is turning 12. She is a great kid: smart, determined, responsible. She is everything a mom could ask for. I wanted to get her something she wanted for her birthday. Something that would last; that would be great. She is deserving in every way. She has an old second generation touch. She had mentioned she wanted a new touch or an lg touch phone. I really didn’t want to replace her phone. The one she has is durable. But I could get her an itouch 4. Her phone was broken so I wanted to try and get it fixed. I went to the Verizon store and this is where the path starts.

It was early and the store was empty except me and two other customers. The lady next to me had a not so good brand of phone and it was glitching out. Her husband is in Afghanistan. There wasn’t much the guy could do for her. Verizon is a big corporation and they have policy. He offered to overnight her a new one. For most of us that would be great, but what if her husband called. She was worried and concerned. I wanted to do something but what.

As I went on with my day. She didn’t leave my mind. If I used my daughters phone upgrade to replace my Droidx with an iPhone. I could give my Droidx to my dad and give her, the lady in the store, my dads samsung fascinate. All are new phones. I could then give my daughter my touch 4. Everybody would get what they wanted, what the needed so to speak.

I went back on the way to pick up my kids from school and talked to the guy that was helping her. The first time I was there I got the impression he didn’t give a crap. He did, but he was also trying to do his job. I bought an iPhone and switched out my other phones. He called the lady, got no answer. I left the samsung phone there for her. She would at the very least have a spare. I told the guy I would go back Friday and see if she picked it up. I hope she does.

There was a pissed of part to this story. Another guy was involved. I am choosing to leave that out. It’s why I deleted the other post. Why be pissed when so much good is possible here.

Had I thought faster. I could have stopped her in the parking lot. I wanted to, but I wasn’t thinking fast enough. What’s important here for me is that I did or tried to do something. Because of my daughter I crossed her path. I am grateful for that.

It is a time of technology and unrest for those in the military. If the last time you are going to hear someone say I love it should be loud and clear. Your phone shouldn’t glitch out.

If the path of kindness crosses you, embrace it. It affects everyone. Hopefully the lady got the phone. My daughter got the touch 4 she wanted and Verizon replaced her phone for free. I still, with the iPhone, have a iPod. I loved my touch and used it all the time. My dad got my Droidx. He will figure it out. Life works out. It always does. They say that act of kindness make you feel better about yourself. They do, but in this case it doesn’t. I worry for her husband and I don’t want the words I love you to be the last.