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May 23, 2011

Professionals vs Common sense

I read this article:

“I’m not a professional and therefore can’t answer this question… professionally!” This is a direct quote.

At what point in time did professionals become the authority and common sense get throw out the window. The author makes clear, concise, valid points. Surely points that any good professional would make, for a price. Yet with some good old fashion common sense and experience he has come up with these on his own. Which, by the way, has saved him a bit of money both on a divorce attorney and a psychologist. With that he can take his lovely wife, assuming he’s married, out to dinner the next time he forgets to take out the trash.

I have a friend with a wife and 3 year old child that’s going to counseling. Their problem… communication. That’s a killer for any relationship. That’s common sense, communication. In fact without it we can’t even order a burger. We know it’s best approach. Yet we take a pass from using it when it comes to relationships, especially when it’s mixed with respect.

I’m mad at you and don’t want to talk now. Just say it, respect it. Space does wonders.
This is not working out. Ok, later.
Have two tubes of toothpaste, two computers. I do because I leave the lid off the toothpaste and I get angry when he’s on my computer touching my keys. Communicate these points. Easy fix.
Agree to disagree and let the dog lie in peace.

My husband and I have nothing, not one thing in common, except our kids. He loves to travel, I don’t. He loves the extreme, I don’t. He likes the news, I don’t. He likes beer, I don’t. He likes PC, I don’t. I don’t like anything he likes, but I like him. Why because of communication and respect. It common sense.

Another quote:

“What’s mine is hers and what’s hers is hers…wait! Just kidding! ”

Really, it’s true. Men see the world in these terms. They are willing to give up all worldly possessions for the woman they love. My husband is happy with my old, so I can have the new referring to computers, cars, monetary items. I’m happy. He’s happy. Items can be replaced. People can’t and I want to keep this fish. Common sense. I know you see that, right.

So why do people have to be so mean when it comes to relationships. Drag it out for months only to devastate some poor unknowing fool in love. Narcissism ring a bell.

You don’t need to be a professional to figure out that common sense = happiness, to include communication and respect. Exclude narcissism.

I hope I did justice to the original writer. Please check out his site. He makes very good points in all his posts. Truly, a professional with a great deal of common sense.

May 23, 2011

Monday, already.

A split second before I cracked my eyes I thought it might have been work day. Groaned inside my head at the thought then suddenly to pleasure and surprise realized, “Hell yeah it’s Monday.” the voice of my own was singing out loud in my ear and I was up in a flash. I don’t work on Monday’s, not that I don’t have things to do, I do, I do, I do.

My days off are no different from my days at work with the exception that I get to move around a bit. I go here and there running errands, but I don’t run I drive. I don’t get paid to do these things either. Getting paid would be snazzy though. My husband makes the coffee for me and brings it to me in the morning. The service is worth gold as I only like to drink coffee, but not make it.

My treadmill has been calling my name so I will abandon my spin bike today. I think it’s tired of seeing my.

Water my garden and evaluate my bugs. I’ve not decided what I grow better bugs or food. It seem to be an even race at the moment.

Watch the you tube videos from Chaney ranch this weekend. Check out the photos waiting on the camera. Feel blessed that my son made it home safe.

Read your blogs because my brain is dead. I have nothing to say. “Oh really, you never have nothing to say” says my husband with a smart ass smirk upon he ever so sexy face.

With that it’s off and running for the rest of the day.

May 18, 2011

The morning

What hour of the day would you like to spend the rest of your life?

The answer is simple for me. The first hour when I wake up. I open my eyes, scurry down the stairs to have a cup of coffee on the front porch with my husband no matter how cold or hot it is. My feet are always bare and the freshness of the day is new and untainted. Everything is in place my guitars by my desk, my treadmill down stairs, and my iPad in hand. Its a new beginning. A fresh start to all the crap that happened the day before. You can do a whole bunch of things in that hour or you can just enjoy your coffee. Either way I love waking up and not because I’m not dead but because its like a new life. Its new, fresh, never happened before except for yesterday. It cant be explained. It just is. A moment that repeats itself over and over and over. Never changing and never the same. Its the little things like the amount of sugar in your coffee or the cup in your hand that makes it different. Amazing I just have no words for it. The rest of the day is always tainted with responsibility. Things we don’t always want to do. People we feel obligated to be nice to and places we have to go or not go because of one thing or another. the trouble with the rest of the day is that it’s just trouble. Its complicated, messy. The morning is always simple.

May 1, 2011

The Santa Ana winds

Seasons come and seasons go.
Time It passes as we grow
I know it’s summer but if feels like the perfect spring day today and I don’t even king being at work for part of it.
The drive to work was amazing. I drive 45 miles one way and there is quite a lot of scenery on the way. The stretch of highway I drive has beautiful rolling hills that when it rains looks like the moors of Ireland to me. This time of year, just like the rains wash the dust away, the winds blowing it away. It’s like you can see every grain of sand. Every leaf. Every branch. There is so much detail. All the things you don’t seem to notice all year are layed out before your eyes. All is amazing.