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May 29, 2011

Chaney Ranch

This is an updated post. Jantz sent us a video he made of our son. And quit frankly I am super stoked about it.

May 20, 2011

Chaney Ranch

Tomorrow my boy is riding at Chaney ranch. Its invite only and many great riders will be there. I’m always nervous when he goes to a new track, of course, I’m mom. When he was eight or nine he said, “Mom, it’s ok if I die out there.” That’s what every mom wants to hear, but he’s focused and dedicated to his sport. I admire that he is willing to give it his all despite any negative consequences. This is my son.






January 8, 2011

Extreme Kids Extreme

I consider myself lucky not to have a kid that wants to sit in front of a video game. One that doesn’t like to watch TV, and one that complains when its raining outside, although that never kept him inside.  As I wrote in one of my first posts my son rides dirt bikes. He races dirt bikes, and as of Christmas he is 10 years old. He is an extreme kid that does extreme sports.

Looking ahead to the future we all see the Travis Pastrana’s and the the Shaun White’s and don’t think about there childhood or their parents. We are amazed at what they can do and are always willing to see more. They are all grown up and they make the crucial decisions about the safety and well being of their own life. But wait! They too were kids and being so their parents had to make those life and death decisions for them.  That said I am very proud of my sons choices. He is able to make the decisions he need to out on the track.

I remember 2 moments when I was against my son riding motocross or dirt bikes. The first when he was 5 and got his CRF50, and the second when he crashed with his trainer. When these kids crash its ugly.  Lets talk about the second first.  I remember being at the track on a Monday and yes I take him out of school for this. He is an awesome student. Anyways I was nervous about the whole thing. This was one of our first real training sessions with his trainer and we were going to work on speed around the corners, 4th gear pinned is what you want to shoot for with no brakes. No brakes, wholly crap are you kidding me. Well it wasn’t a corner he crashed on it was working one section of the track. He was getting back on the track when his KTM65 got stuck on a side wall and the bike fell over trapping his leg underneath it. I ran out there to help and a guy on his 250 stopped, layed his bike down but it was still in motion so the rear tire shot up in the air  almost taking me and my son out.  Its hard to explain without using hand motions to demonstrate.  Needless to say it was scary.

The first time I saw my son really crashed on a bike he was going over a whoop section out at the desert. Both of his little hands went up in the air and he made a perfect x with his body as he was flung several feet. He bit his tongue and said he was never getting on the bike again. “Ok, thats fine but you have to ride the bike back to our camp,” I said. He got back on the bike and has never gotten off.

My boy can do this; in fact he never uses the brakes, and stays focused out there on the track.  He can clear doubles, triples, anything Stewart, Villipoto,  Alessi, Reed, can do, my son at ten can also do. I’m not saying he can’t improve we all can, the point here is he’s good. Damn good. In fact my son is quite the prodigy at this. You tell him how to do something once and he goes and does it. He has almost perfect form and I dare say can be a top contender one day.  Of course I’m his mom and we like to blow our own horns.

Back to the day with the trainer. That wasn’t the only crash he had that day, nope there were more. One particular time the trainer said, “Damn Parents” He wasn’t talking to me but rather anther pro rider. He made sure he said it loud enough for me to hear. My boy also told him that he gets nervous with me on the track and rightfully so because I am extremely scared to lose my son.

Doing what you love

Isn’t doing what we love the soul purpose to this life. I love being a mom. I love writing, playing my guitar, my job because it allows me to do what I love. Well my son loves motocross. If he wasn’t good at it then I wouldn’t pay for it. Like I said I don’t want to lose my son and I could make him play some, in my opinion, second rate sport like soccer to keep him safe. Really I just can’t stand the soccer parents. The sport is great fun. Make him join the masses that play x-box because they have nothing better to do. But why crush his very being under a little white and black ball.

One fine day.

It was after a race and we were going to pick up his trophy. My son says to me and at the time he was nine, ” Its ok if I die out there mom.” That’s awesome and I am still so glad  he felt the need to share that with me. This though is the statement that keeps me sending him to motocross. This statement is the one that keeps his blood pumping and gives him a reason to live. This is who he is and who he is always going to be. This is the reason I have told more than one mom to shove it when they criticize my parenting by letting him on a bike. This is why I fought the lead law ban that would ban the very bikes he rides. I don’t know about you but he isn’t licking the frame.  Don’t get me wrong I am scared to death one day he won’t come home but I told him I loved him before they left and that I was proud of him.

I am still very sick so I didn’t edit this. Thanks for reading today.