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June 6, 2011


To buy or not to but iPad

First let me say I love my iPad. I have the original one 16gig no wifi. I bought it the day after the iPad 2 came out. I had been on the fence for months, in fact since the day they came out, about buying one. When the price dropped a hundred the enticement was to great. I did it. In fact I bought two and when the time comes I will buy two more and give the current ones to my kids. One for my husband and one for me.

My husbands apps:

Flipboard – free
Abc news – free
Fox news.- free
USA today – free
Newsy – free
Pulse – free

Angry birds HD – 2.99
Miscellaneous free one.

Pandora – free
Soundhound – free

FML – free
Epic Fail – free

My apps
Pages – 9.99
Numbers – 9.99
Instapaper – 4.99
Penultimate – 1.99
Abc Tv – free
Various kids educational programs – up to 4.99

For most apps there is a free or lite version and a pay version. To reduce the cost you can get the IPhone or ITouch version which will expand 2x for the IPad. The resolution in a bit hazy though, but it might save you a buck or two.

Pages and Numbers sync easily with your desktop which makes transferring docs a breeze. Instapaper saves articles from the Internet which makes taking them on the road where there is no wifi simple. This in one of my favorite app. Im am an article reader and this has made my life perfect. I also recommend Goodreader. If I understand correctly you can make notes within pdf’s.
There is nothing I don’t do on an iPad. Write, watch, learn, bills, read, the keyboard is perfect for my hands. It’s easy to take in the kitchen when I’m cooking, or out to the garden when I need advice from a pro about bugs, vegetables etc.

Did I need it. Probably not. I defiantly wanted it. I can now sit on the porch, in the garden, on my bed, at my treadmill, at Starbucks with free wifi, go anyplace or be anywhere. It’s been a freedom maker. I don’t have to sit chained to my desk anymore. I use less paper and save more time. My iPad is worth it weight in gold, and if you’ve read my other posts you know love Apple.

Just for the record I have used Droid products. I don’t like them because in my opinion their a hackers mess. The apps are not as clean. The operating system glitchy and the customer service crappy. That’s justly opinion though.

May 20, 2011

Texting, friend or foe

Texting has to be one of the greatest inventions of mankind. That with the IPhone and a data package you can rule the world from anywhere, any time.

Texting serves a few simple purposes which can save you a great deal of time

Could you……
Don’t forget……
Did you……

In these cases there isn’t a need to have a detailed phone conversation. Its convenient, but there comes a time when texting has just plainly overstayed it’s welcome.

Texting during a movie I paid $7.50 to see.
Texting while at the cashier and we all now have to wait for you.
Texting while at a red light. My bad.
Texting while having a conversation with another person.
Texting in the customer service business

My kids text each other on the couch, at the dinner table, across the room. I have been known to text my kids from downstairs because I don’t feel the need to yell or venture up the steps.

Texting has become a legitimate language: idk, omg, brb, abt2. There are enough abbreviations to fill a book

Communication is one of the most valuable traits one person can acquire. It expresses how we feel by the very sound of our voice. After a long day of work it gives us a reason to enjoy each others company. It is the reason, almost solely, that we come together for food and drink. Communication has bridged the gap between countries It has formed alliances and started wars. It has lead us to the point in which we stand now, texting. Texting has played a significant part in current revolutions. Texting, in of itself, has changed the very way life is lived.

When we look at our history as a civilization we have hieroglyphics, letters, newspapers, diaries, journals. Most of which have been hand written. We have a rich past that we can touch and feel. What of the future? How well we then define who we are now. Emails will be deleted, text’s will be gone and computers destroyed. I write nothing on paper. In fact I rarely use paper at all. I have no hard copy of photos. I have very few back up drives, so when all is lost it is truly lost.

Realizing there is a certain joy to being able to be in touch with your friends and family any time. There is also a pitfall as the Thanksgiving table is now quiet. We are all caught up, and there is nothing left to say. There was a time when my husband and I texted everything throughout the day. Now I just wait till he gets home. It’s amazing how much more time I have not texting and how much more I appreciate his company when he is home.

Texting, my friend or foe.

May 13, 2011


I love technology. I like everything about it except when it screws things up or doesn’t work at all. Recently I got an iPad not the two. I got the one because it was a hundred dollars off the list price. It by far without a doubt has to be my favorite thing in the world with the exception of my awesome husband and my amazing kids.

I love apples. I like the kind you eat to so it’s only natural that I would like Apple products. My first experience with apple was the iTouch. I wanted an mp3 player because I love listening to music. Music is all inspiring. Every song a lesson in life for the writer and potentially you. My husband bought me the first generation touch. It quickly became attached to me like an arm or a leg. I took it every where.

The second generation came out about a year later and he came home with that one. It had the Nike sync to it. I like to run and he thought that would be great for me. Secretly I knew he just wanted my old one. He always gets me the new and he gladly takes the hand me downs. He loves his techie wife that way. We sit on out front porch every morning and have coffee together read the news, write, chat, enjoy the beginning of the day. The iTouch’s have made it fun especially with all the free apps out there. We laugh while playing silly games and try to beat each others score. It’s a wonderful life

It was Christmas last year when we started looking to upgrade our first and second generations to the fourth. Our kids really liked playing on them so upgrading to the fourth generation was an easy decision. The kids could have the old ones. They love them as much as we do. Now the iPads were already out, but at the time it just didn’t seem practical. I couldn’t run with it. It didn’t seem reasonable to take it out to my garden to listen to music, so. I didn’t get it. It seemed to be pricey, but apple products are usually worth it. It was a tough decision.

When the iPad 2 came out we read the reviews. Listened to the hype and thought about it again. I didn’t want to give up my touch. I didn’t know if I would use it. I was lost in a pool of indecision. When the price dropped on the original iPad it made the decision easier a lot easier, but I didn’t want to get just one. I didn’t want to have what my husband didn’t. Its all about our morning time together, so I got 2 first generation iPads. One for my husband and one for me. We use them all the time. In fact we rarely us our desktops anymore. I take it to work to read or write. In fact I write 98% of everything on my pad. It goes along to jury duty, and the mall where I sit and wait for this or that. It fills the gaps in time where I did nothing and now I do something. I seem to waste less time. I seem to have more time for me to do the things I enjoy. It’s made my life convenient.

Apps makes everything possible. I have Instapaper so I can read website documents wherever I go. It’s one of my favorite programs and saves me the monthly fee of internet service. A program like this has been long awaited in my life. I got Pages and Numbers from the iWork suite. I love them all. Of course there’s the games when I just want to be mindless. I love the free books that the Kindle app has to offer. Theres learning apps for my kids, and some just great informational programs. All at your finger tips.

Technology has come so far. My fondest memory is the days of DOS. I can’t say I miss it. I don’t miss Windows that’s for sure. I love Mac, iPhone, iTouch, Nano, Shuffle, Mac book. Mac everything. I am the new trend Apples and Starbucks. The reason both companies are so successful, customer service, customer service, customer service. I am never disappointed or let down by either. Well except for the are occasion when they glitch out.

January 6, 2011

The New App Mac Store

I love me some Mac and will always take seconds. I have a Mac desk top, laptop, 4 touches, 2 nanos, and a shuffle.  That seems like a lot but 2 of the touches are first gen and the other 2 are 4th gen. The kids got the old ones. So I love Mac. I converted 3 years ago and I will never go back to PC. The only thing I don’t like about Mac is the prices but you get what you pay for.

Lets go shopping, The Mac store is open. Let me just say that compared to the 99 cent apps that are available on the Itouch, Iphone and Ipad these  Mac apps at first glance seem to be a bit pricey.  I did notice some major programs listed like Mars Edit a social networking program, Rapid Weaver 5 a web designing program, Ilife, etc. So it appears to be a mall of malls with one stop shopping for all.

For all you Angry Bird Lovers out there the introductory price of $4.99 will get you the desk top version., but buy it quick because that’s half off.   I also see that there are many complaints about it crashing the system. I am sure it is going to take some time to work out the kinks.  Ok I can’t see paying 4.99 for a game when I only paid 99 cent for it on my itouch and I got it for free on my galaxy phone.

Although there are some major apps I am going to stand with major pricey for apps that shouldn’t be more than a dollar ot two. There is an app to keep track of your dog medical records. The app is 24.99. I love my dog and all but a manilia folder at the bottom of my desk drawer does fine.

The is an app for writing music. Its 10.00 which is resonable price except that it only has 3 stars and for my 10.00 I want full functionality, 5 stars please.

I downloaded a few little free things. Which took a bit because there were errors on Apples site, but its obvious that Apple has their techs techin away to banish any issues. This is one of the great things about Apple and the one thing that makes it worth paying the money. Apple is an American company that is located right here in California. When you call you get a customer service rep that speaks English and one that you can understand.  No matter what language you speak it is always nice to have a customer service rep that you can understand.

So if you have a Mac, check out the Mac store. You have to have snow leopard and do an update. The app store will install itself to your dock

January 4, 2011

Texting vs Talking

Texting is great if you have something quick to say like I’m running late or hey mom I’m just checking in and I’m still at my friends.

Texting has become a worse habit than heroin. I often see people stop everything to respond to a text and then they stop again and again. take a break have a chat omg, are you kidding me, really. You spend more time testing than you would having a chat in real time.

Through out the day my husband and I use goggle talk. If it’s important I call but most of the time its nothing more than an update with no response needed. Its a way for us to stay in touch or just say hi, but even this can become annoying. When we hear our phone we are compelled to answer. Often the ringing gives us a sense of urgency, a sense of priority. Unfortunately that sense becomes more urgent than the very thing we are attending to like our job or our children. So for me texting is super annoying and takes up a great deal of time.

A time of technology. Here’s the deal maybe I’m just lazy, maybe I am just using time management, and maybe I’m just avoiding you. What ever the case may be I write on my itouch which looks a lot like texting on a iphone. I would use pen and paper but then I have to retype the whole thing and this could be time better spent writing something else, playing my guitar or just having a chat.

Ah the need for an iPad yet another device to disassociate your self from the masses,  communicate better with loved ones,  be more productive, or just have a little fun playing a game while your in the doctors waiting room.

For what ever reason we like our devices one thing is constant. We love them. All of them.