Quirky things

Quirky things

You know what I mean? It a question that might imply I am either stupid, not gathering the concept or that I am not listening to you. I am rather fond of the latter when this is said after every sentence. I hear it every where I go and plead with you if you say it to stop. At the very least, add some variety. Catch my drift.

Even I am not immune to this. I have my days and I speak in double negatives. Did you not go to the store? My husband hates this. There is no right answer. He feels as though I have set him up for trouble. Without a doubt I probably have.

Truly, you know what I mean is by far my favorite. I find myself counting the number of times people say it in a conversation. You know what I mean.

The kettle is just as black as the pot. Guilty, I know there has been times when I have not noticed that the reflection in the mirror is mine. I try very hard not to do this, so when someone does I cringe. In fact it is just today that one of the girls I work with who pays little or no attention to her clients was practicing such a trait. Her clients complain often, but we are self employed so thats that. While with a client I have seen her talk on the phone, text constantly, even go sit on the couch to chat with another guy. So today when the alarm system guy was chatting across the room about the lakers game she got pissed he wasn’t doing his job. She has been ranting for the last hour about how he should have paid attention to his job and that is what he was getting paid for. Really, oh no you didn’t. She is busy ignoring the client in her chair now. Talking to a guy on the couch, and texting. Wow

The toothpaste. I leave the lid off the toothpaste. I know it’s gross. I don’t know why I do it but I do. I leave coffee cups all over the house. My shoes never get put away and I can never find them. I dump stuff everywhere. I am guilty of not finishing a project I start. I have this way of making people feel stupid, and small. I never mean to but there it is. I am full of flaws. With that said I find it hard to accept certain bad behaviors. I guess that makes me human. Flawed that is.

I try not to judge people on their outer appearance. I don’t pretend to know what they are thinking. I just think that common courtesy should be something your mother taught you. I know that life didn’t afford all of us great mothers. I hope that some cared enough about you to teach you to say please, thank you, and to hold the door for a stranger.
My son and daughter hold doors for strangers. I am very proud of them. I think courtesy is the most simple kindness. It’s done with a simple word, or gesture. It can make even the worst day better.

We are all quirky. We have our strange ways that make us different from everyone else. In all of this, please and thank you remain consistent .


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